Camptoo pulls up in the UK

The UK hire industry is a fascinating place to be in of late, with so many innovative businesses popping up. This week, we see the introduction of Camptoo; a company that is being dubbed the ‘Airbnb of caravans’. Like, Camptoo is a peer-to-peer platform, allowing caravan owners to rent out their vans to users as and when they wish.

Giving its users access to 1,500 vehicles across Europe, the website offers everything from campervans and motorhomes to touring caravans. Having recently rolled out the same service in Australia, the brand hope to evolve into the go-to place for caravan rental, permitting customers to tailor their search and find vehicles that suit with regards to size, style and age.

Prices for Caravan hire

With prices starting from as little as £68 per night, Camptoo is doing for caravan rental what Airbnb has done for the property rental market, making it simple to search for, book and most importantly; cheap! Founded in the Netherlands back in 2014, this startup has come on leaps and bounds, mainly due to this competitive nature. With rates for caravan hire being nearly half of what campsites and businesses are charging, it’s understandable why many Brits are already utilising the tool.


Until now, hiring a caravan or motorhome was rather time-consuming, often putting people off hiring such a vehicle all together. Understanding the pitfalls of the industry, Martijn Peeters, CEO of Camptoo, says:

“Travelling by campervan or motorhome is a truly unique experience. Since you are not tied down by conventional transport schedules, you have the opportunity to go with the flow on your travels and encounter sights you would only ever see on the road. We created Camptoo to bring that sense of freedom to travellers, getting people doing what they love from the moment they wake up without the restrictions that come with traditional hire companies.

Driving around the UK or to the continent has always been a popular style of holiday for Brits so we’re excited to make campervan travel accessible to the masses by bringing the cost of usage down.”

Let us know what you think; will Camptoo be made use of here in the UK? We would love to hear your thoughts.