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We love writing about Airbnb. Get all the latest news about Airbnb and related topics. Airbnb is an American company which operates an online marketplace and hospitality service for people to lease or rent short-term lodging including holiday cottages, apartments, homestays, hostel beds, or hotel rooms, to participate in or facilitates experiences related to tourism such as walking tours, and to make reservations at restaurants.

Airbnb launch campaign to promote Scotland

Whilst large technology corporations are often criticised for their lack of involvement with the community, it appears peer-to-peer giants, Airbnb, are breaking the mould. Joining forces with VisitScotland, Airbnb are taking the lead of a new tourism initiative; one that aims to celebrate the authenticity of Scotland.

As the second UK city to host ‘Airbnb Experiences’, Airbnb users can enjoy a real snapshot of what Scotland has to offer.

The Experiences collaboration in Edinburgh will allow Airbnb customers to access and consider recommendations from a variety of local thought leaders. For Scotland, these include those offering services and experiences such as kayaking among Scottish wildlife, making shortbread with local bakers, and cookery classes with famous bloggers. By doing so, the scheme can “empower Airbnb hosts to become true ambassadors for Scotland”.

Although the home rental business is going to great lengths to promote Scotland in all its glory, it does have a chequered history with the area. At the beginning of 2018, Airbnb revealed plans to limit Scottish landlords to renting out properties for up to three months.

This followed concerns over long-term rents in the Scottish parliament, believing Airbnb to be blurring the lines between holiday rentals and long-term agreements. However, with this new tourism initiative, its seems Scotland and Airbnb are very much on the same page.

Riddell Graham, VisitScotland director of partnerships, said:

“Tourism today is all about consumer choice and Airbnb is becoming an increasingly popular part of that suite of choices, helping grow the visitor economy through innovative new approaches such as Experiences.

“We know that many visitors now want to combine their traditional tourism experiences with something special that takes them off the beaten track, giving them an authentic experience of Scotland that they won’t get elsewhere.

“Experiences offer a good opportunity for existing tourism businesses in Edinburgh, as well as individuals with a passion for the city, to be creative and consider new products and offerings that might appeal to the Airbnb traveller.”
Airbnb is equally as thrilled to be working with Scotland. James McClure, the General Manager of the UK division of Airbnb, said:

Airbnb travellers visiting Edinburgh can now unearth hidden gems across the city and immerse themselves in the unique arts, culture, and food for which the city is renowned.

“For locals, Edinburgh Experiences are a great way for people to earn extra money from their interests and meet new people.

“We are delighted to partner with VisitScotland to launch Experiences, spread the benefits of authentic tourism, drive economic growth and empower Airbnb hosts to be ambassadors in Scotland.”

Let us know what you think; who should be named as Airbnb’s next Experiences partner?


P2P car rental scheme introduced at Gatwick Airport

Being such a lucrative market, the world of car hire is pretty fascinating. From some of the world’s , long-established brands entering the market, to technology startups disrupting the space, there is always something going on. This week, Gatwick Airport were named as the latest to be contributing to the sector.

Introducing a peer-to-peer car rental scheme, Gatwick are the latest airport to promote the ‘sharing economy’, allowing customers to rent out each other’s cars when away. The idea behind the scheme is to reduce their customers’ stress levels whilst on holiday; knowing that their car is in safe hands and not racking up huge parking fees. In addition, this scheme allows holidaymakers to make money when sunning themselves.

Teaming up with Car & Away for this venture, the airport’s ‘Rent & Earn’ scheme can see car owners enjoy £80 a week for renting their cars out. For larger vehicles such as 4X4s, an average fee of £160 will be charged. It is also worth noting that this service will work alongside the airport’s various other car hire options.

Gatwick Airport’s Head of Car Parking, Gary Wallace, said:

“We are always searching for ways to provide new, innovative and ground-breaking services. The new service offers passengers an alternative option when it comes to renting vehicles from the airport and gives them a chance to offset their parking costs. Our goal is to help as many people as possible to travel for less, in a convenient way, and airport peer-to-peer car sharing services are another way of achieving this.”

But, how does this P2P rental service differ from a conventional one? According to Wallace, it’s a lot simpler. All car owners have to do is register, with their car receiving a full valet whether or not it is hired out. Once a match is found, the Airport team will take the car to a dedicated parking bay located in the South Terminal to meet its temporary owner. Checks will also be made before and after the hire has taken place.

Equally as thrilled to see this scheme rolled out at the airport is Car & Away Founder and CEO, Andy Hibbert.

“We’re all used to, and comfortable with, the sharing economy. Many of us share our homes via Airbnb and some even share their pets. So, sharing a car while people go away isn’t such a big step. Especially when owners not only make money out of it, but benefit from dropping the car right next to the terminal and get a professional valet to boot!

“For renters we provide a great alternative service that saves time, money and provides you with the exact car you book – not a ‘similar’ one” he says.

Let us know what you think; would you trust a stranger to look after your car when you are away?


Airbnb hire out igloo during bad weather

As the last week has proven, when it snows, the world goes a little bit bonkers! From road closures and businesses failing to open their doors, to the bread-buying frenzy that us Brits get ourselves into; it seems it’s much more fun being a child when it snows. However, Airbnb, one of the biggest holiday rental firms in the world, capiatlised on the bad weather. Whilst holidays were well and truly pencilled out of the diary this week, an Airbnb advert made igloo rentals a thing!

The advert was posted by a man from Scotland. Advertised as being ‘somewhere in Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire’, igloo hire was priced at £40 a night; understandably a much cheaper option than your average insulated; warm hotel.

As a bit of a joke; the advert was shared across various social media platforms and other online forums, with people rather fascinated by the idea of hiring such a ‘property’.

Brazen host, Dan, explains:

“Well if you get through the 5ft snow drifts on the road you will be met by a snow covered drive with a delightful snow cave built into it.”
Dan adds:

“Amenities in the local area are non existent, so best bring everything you need.

“Parking is a mere hour walk from the property with spaces available anywhere you fancy leaving it.

“With luck a local famer can bring you part of the way, but don’t count on it.”

Listing Wi-Fi, breakfast and air conditioning as featured services; the ad certainly gave use a chuckle or two.

Though it’s arguably a bit bizarre that someone would take the time to create this advert, when thinking of how boring being snowed in is; we begin to sympathise. That said, igloo hire is actually a sought-after hire service; along with ice bar hire, ice sculpture hire and much more!

Let us know what you think about this innovative hire service; would you spend the night in an igloo? Leave your comments with us.

Airbnb airline

Airbnb to launch its own airline

Airbnb, the biggest name in the hotel rental market, has this week made a huge announcement. Sharing details of their latest venture, it appears the brand is heading into a new sector; air travel. Planning to open their own airline in the very near future, this comes as part of their plans to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for the world’s travel needs. Having arguably monopolised the holiday rental market; can Airbnb mirror their success with this new business?

The announcement was made by Brian Chesky , the 36-year-old billionaire founder of Airbnb. Talking to the Sunday Times, he explained how this is not a random venture but something that has been in the business’ plans for many years.

“We’ve seriously considered a lot of things around aviation and we’ve spent a lot of time exploring different concepts. We definitely want to make sure, though, that we can get into the end-to-end trip business” he says.

Looking to continue their success story with a next chapter, the business came from humble beginnings. The idea behind Airbnb came to Chesky after he rented mattresses to three strangers in his San Francisco apartment. Spotting a gap in the market for a modern hotel and apartment rental service, Airbnb was formed. Having evolved into one of the biggest technology companies in the world, Airbnb now owns the platform to create something even bigger, eager to follow in the footsteps of household brands such as amazon.

“Of all the big tech companies, the way Amazon has approached building their business to a one-stop shop for shopping is probably most similar to what we’re trying to do.

“We’re trying to be a one-stop shop for travel” Mr Chesky added.

Can this venture take off?

Let us know what you think, can Airbnb triumph and become a world-leader in travel? Share your thoughts and opinions with us.


Northern Ireland car hire app inspired by Airbnb

This week, it was announced that car rental firm, Fleet, has come to market. Claiming to offer an innovative way for people to hire cars, the creators have formed an app that connects renters with owners. Telling that owners that they can make up to £1000 per month for listing their car with them, it is understandable why everyone is talking about this innovative new business.

Already being made use of in the north of the country, big name brand, Shelbourne Motor Group, has now signed up.

In addition to interest from car and fleet owners, the site is gathering momentum from users. According to the business owners, they have enjoyed 25,000 new downloads and 14,000 active users, now boasting 346 listings on

Inspired by the great things Airbnb has achieved, business owner, Mr Sheehy, says:

Mr Sheehy said it was always the plan to set up in Northern Ireland and explained how he has drawn inspiration from worldwide accommodation leader Airbnb.

“Fleet was developed when we saw a gap for this type of service in the market. Peer to peer services of many varieties have taken off in Ireland and worldwide especially after the success of Airbnb and we saw the opportunity to help make our customers cars work harder for them and earn them money whilst providing a cost effective alternative to traditional car rental platforms who have higher price points, overheads and red tape. It was always a goal to set up our service in Northern Ireland as soon as possible and try to cover the whole island of Ireland.”

Car hire

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iSuperdrive Brings Luxury Car Hire to the Sharing Economy

With ventures like Airbnb and Uber blazing a trail of success around the globe, it’s clear that the sharing economy is here to stay. A peer-to-peer system of trading, it has seen individuals suddenly able to compete with big companies across every industry from hospitality to chauffeuring and more.

However, the luxury car hire market has been distinctly lacking it’s own contribution to this 21st century market – until now. With the launch of iSuperdrive, customers can hire a range of premium vehicles direct from their owners for the first time.

With an international and ever-expending network of carefully-selected fleet owners, iSuperdrive allows customers access to an incredible range of luxury vehicles whether they’re in the UK or travelling abroad.

There are literally thousands of vehicles to choose from, with brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes, McLaren, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari all available to hire direct at a bargain price. Users simply log on to iSuperdrive from their laptop or smartphone and begin searching – the service is completely free of charge.

What’s more, iSuperdrive also operates a price comparison function, enabling customers to compare multiple quotes from local suppliers all in one place. And by eliminating sales commission and broker fees, the company is able to offer vehicle hire at the best possible prices.

“All of us at iSuperdrive are passionate about cars and travel,” CEO David Robertson announced in a press release, “so we are thrilled to be combining the two by launching a service which allows our customers to have better access to luxury cars while they explore new destinations. We have developed a convenient, affordable and user-friendly service that seamlessly provides added value to our customers’ experiences and can be tailored to suit their individual preferences.”


You can hire an entire Irish pub through Airbnb rental

So how about being a landlord for a weekend? Well, if you’ve always wanted to be a bar owner- but aren’t quite ready for that much of a dramatic career change- we’ve found the perfect Airbnb listing for you.

How about a lock-in at a cosy club in the south of Ireland, just four hours’ drive from Belfast? A couple are offering their entire traditional Irish pub for rent in rural Ireland. The property will be equipped with a bar, pumps, a till, a log fire and comfortable sofas, board games, a dart board and even skittles.

Based in Aglisg, Conroy’s Old Bar is a traditional village pub which has been converted into self-catering accommodation.

In addition to the quirky bar area, the property includes a fully functioning kitchen and two bedrooms. According to the owners, the pub sleeps up to four guests, and so is perfect for family breaks or friends looking to explore Ireland.

However, the best part about this news is that you are getting the entire property to yourself, and the rental price is VERY budget-friendly. At just £93 per night you would be crazy not to book this for your family shindig.

There’s no need to stay up late and serve customers though because the bar itself doesn’t have an alcohol licence anymore. It is now a residential property only.

However, the owners have given you the permission to supply your own booze.

The couple bought the property over a decade ago, but have since admitted they can’t bring themselves to sell it.

Erron explained: “We originally thought that the property would make good self catering accommodation because of its size.

“But it wasn’t until we were refitting the kitchen in the main house and we were using the pub as our ‘make do kitchen’, that we actually came up with the idea of keeping the bar intact and using its uniqueness to it’s advantage, and so Ireland’s 1st Self Catering Pub Conroy’s Old Bar was born.”

It is set in the most beautiful location of Co Tipperary, and so is the perfect place to get away from it all.

The nearest shop is approximately four miles away, and the nearest restaurant six miles away. This means that the property is perfectly situated for those long walks and relaxing evenings.

Make the most of your downtime with something a little different, what a quirky little get away for the family!


Airbnb expects its biggest night ever thanks to solar eclipse

With nearly 7,000 rooms booked across South Carolina next month, Airbnb says it’s expecting its biggest night ever.

That number may well increase. There’s still plenty of time to book a room on the site, but the company is expecting bookings to be nearly five times higher than usual on August 20th.

So what is driving people to the Palmetto State on a Sunday night during August? The solar eclipse is set to be the following afternoon.

The company have released figures which show the impact of the eclipse on its business which demonstrates a point. It’s argued that allowing home rentals gives cities more flexibilities to absorb visitors.

Will Burns, Airbnb’s director of public policy has said, “Home sharing gives cities big and small the ability to scale up quickly for major events and creates opportunities for local residents to earn additional income by sharing extra space in their homes,”

This is something new in the Lowcountry’s pitch with regards to a debate over how to handle temporary rentals. Critics have stated that they are concerned that by listing homes on sites such as Airbnb rent prices will be pushed higher in Charlston and turn the character of the neighbourhood.

This debate is highly significant because the city is consistently one of Airbnb’s busiest in South California. Charleston has accounted for 2,500 houses booked during the period of the eclipse.

Airbnb’s competitor, Home Away, has also seen a big jump in bookings for the night of 20th August. The bookings for this company across South Carolina has surged approximately 65 per cent in comparison to this time last year.

Moreover, in Columbia basically every hotel is fully booked. Visitors are snatching up rooms in the suburbs in order to sleep near the capital city.

“I feel like we’re going to be out of hotel rooms,” said Andrew Lucas, who runs the Columbia hotel chapter of the S.C Restaurant and Lodging Association.




Airbnb gives homeowners the chance to host refugees

While Donald Trump doesn’t want to welcome refugees, approximately 6,000 people around the globe have offered their homes to do just that. This has been introduced as part of a “Welcome” program by Airbnb.

Launched on Wednesday, the program was initially set to offer shelter to at least 100,000 displaced people for the minimum of one night over the next five years.

The program has been introduced so citizens are given the opportunity to help global challenges.

“It’s easy to feel powerless when you think about massive global challenges such as the refugee crisis, but there are things everyone can do that make a big difference,” Airbnb co-founder Joe Gebbia said in a statement. “The simple act of opening your home for a few nights can be life-changing for people who have had to leave everything behind.”

In order to organise this the rooms-for-rent company has partnered with approximately eight relief organisations which includes, the International Rescue Committee, Signa Quebe and Signa France, in order to pair hosts with refugees. However, it will only be registered Airbnb subscribers that will be able to offer sheltering.

According to the figures, approximately 780 Germans are said to have signed up to the Welcome website so far. Already an estimated 26 of these have been placed in private homes. Due to its huge success, similar schemes are now being organised in other countries, which includes Greece and Portugal.

It was during this years Super Bowl that the company announced its “Welcome” program. This was only a week after the U.S President announced a ban on all refugees for 120 days. However, due to court rulings this order was not implemented.

According to the United Nations, there is currently roughly 65 million displaced refugees in the world.


Audi to buy out car hire startup Silvercar  

Just this week Audi has offered to buy out US car rental firm, Silvercar. Operating in 15 US cities, Silvercar exclusively hire out silver Audis from various airports, founded back in 2012. Audi’s interest in the firm comes as they brand seek to expand their presence in mobility services, wanting to use Silvercar’s software to help with car-sharing projects.

While both companies have refused to make comment on the size and details of the purchase, we can only imagine the type of numbers involved here.

Having already invested $28m in the startup during their third finding round, Audi has obviously identified growth opportunities, seeing synergy between the firms and how they can benefit from being under one roof.

Wanting to join Google and Uber as leaders in transport technology, Audi’s visions are pretty clear.

Luke Schneider, Silvercar chief executive, said the car market is “on the verge of the most profound changes in the 120-year history of modern personal transportation.”

Already experimenting with two car-sharing concepts, Audi shows no interest in the rental side of the business, simply wanting to grow the tech that supports the brand. Promising to develop the ‘Airbnb for cars’ could this acquisition put Audi at the forefront of the industry?