As the last week has proven, when it snows, the world goes a little bit bonkers! From road closures and businesses failing to open their doors, to the bread-buying frenzy that us Brits get ourselves into; it seems it’s much more fun being a child when it snows. However, Airbnb, one of the biggest holiday rental firms in the world, capiatlised on the bad weather. Whilst holidays were well and truly pencilled out of the diary this week, an Airbnb advert made igloo rentals a thing!

The advert was posted by a man from Scotland. Advertised as being ‘somewhere in Kilmacolm, Renfrewshire’, igloo hire was priced at £40 a night; understandably a much cheaper option than your average insulated; warm hotel.

As a bit of a joke; the advert was shared across various social media platforms and other online forums, with people rather fascinated by the idea of hiring such a ‘property’.

Brazen host, Dan, explains:

“Well if you get through the 5ft snow drifts on the road you will be met by a snow covered drive with a delightful snow cave built into it.”
Dan adds:

“Amenities in the local area are non existent, so best bring everything you need.

“Parking is a mere hour walk from the property with spaces available anywhere you fancy leaving it.

“With luck a local famer can bring you part of the way, but don’t count on it.”

Listing Wi-Fi, breakfast and air conditioning as featured services; the ad certainly gave use a chuckle or two.

Though it’s arguably a bit bizarre that someone would take the time to create this advert, when thinking of how boring being snowed in is; we begin to sympathise. That said, igloo hire is actually a sought-after hire service; along with ice bar hire, ice sculpture hire and much more!

Let us know what you think about this innovative hire service; would you spend the night in an igloo? Leave your comments with us.