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Bristol Skip Hire Firm Highlight Fly-tipping Hotspots

While fly-tipping is an issue across the country, it appears that Bristol is an area that is experiencing a great deal more activity than other cities.

Fly-tipping has become such a problem that local skip hire firm, Bateman Skips, has highlighted various no-go zones; areas that they refuse to leave their skips overnight.

This follows what the company is calling the worst example of it yet, sharing pictures of what their skip looked like when left on Milner Road.

Being hijacked by fly-tippers, the skip was overflowing, filled with household waste that ran over onto the street and pavement.

Images of the skip were shared by the Keep Bristol Tidy twitter page.

“Why are we allowing this in the streets of Bristol?” they asked.

“Containment requirements are very clear on skip licences for public highways,” they added.

Though using someone else’s bin doesn’t sound like a massive deal, for the skip hire firms that have to collect the waste, it really is.

Lee Graham, the general manager of Bateman Skips, said:

“It is an absolute nightmare for us, and often for the customer,” he said. “People hire skips only for anybody from anywhere to come along and just dump their stuff in it – it’s very frustrating.”

Now, the company will roll out a ‘wait and drop’ service in problem areas, refusing to leave their skips anywhere that is prone to tipping.

“The best solution is having it off the road, in someone’s garden or on their drive, but there are obviously a lot of places where this is not possible,” said Mr Graham.

“There are many areas dotted around Bristol where we’ve had problems like this – and this area will be added to that list – where we now have to talk to the customer and offer them a wait-and-drop service.

“That involves us leaving a skip for 35-40 minutes or so, and waiting with it, for them to load it up, rather than leaving it for a couple of days and coming back and finding this sort of thing has happened,” he added.

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King’s Lynn Plant Hire Boss Disqualified for Invoice Scam

If you run your own hire firm, you will know how difficult is can be to keep things ticking over.

Funding is the biggest issue for most in the industry, needing access to money in order to grow and facilitate customers.

However, one plant hire boss from King’s Lynn decided to try and combat the issue through illegal means, now finding himself disqualified from being a Director of Anthill Plant Hire.

Andrea Anthill, 51, submitted fake invoices and cheques to a factoring companies in order to secure finance. But, this was far more than the odd cheeky £100 here and there. According to sources, Anthill forged evidence of money owned to him of over £700,000.

As a result, the factoring company provided funds that they otherwise wouldn’t have, left hugely out of pocket when the company went into administration. The firm claimed that when the plant hire company went into administration in July of last year, it owed them a huge £845,826.

But, they were not the only creators left unpaid. The company went bust owing over £1million in debt.

David Brooks, group leader of insolvent investigations for the Insolvency Service, said: “Factoring companies provide a vital service to companies experiencing cashflow difficulties, alleviating short term financial problems and allowing them to continue trading. This director grossly abused this service.

“The disqualification will severely curtail his activities for many years to come.”

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You Can Now Rent a Friend!

Here at Anything for Hire, we are huge advocates of the hire model, eager for people to refrain from buying products when hiring makes sense. So, in our opinion, the more creative the hire offer; the better.

This is why we were incredibly intrigued to learn more about a ‘rent a friend’ service that has launched.

The website, which has gained a great deal of attention, permits users to hire ‘friends’ for social occasions. For instance, if you have a works do and are struggling to find a plus one to go along with, you can log on and order one, paying a small fee for the pleasure.

On average, these rental humans cost around £20 an hour, with the ‘mates rates’ being reliativly cheap.

Solina, one of 60,000 people listed on the site, explains:

“Some people might want to do something out of their friend circle with a complete stranger, they might want to go for a coffee and just a chat”.

“It’s a transaction at the end of the day, there’s no strings, there’s no emotional attachment, you just go and be a friend and go away,” she added.
But, this is not a new phenomenon. The website is actually celebrating being ten years in business, with its Founder thrilled to have hit this milestone.

“We were the first and are still the largest Rent A Friend service around the world,” he said.

Let us know what you think. Would you hire a friend to go to the pictures with or even pack out a funeral?

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Tips for Successful Car Hire

Whether hiring a Rolls Royce or a Mini Cooper, you want your experience to be enjoyable and not leaving you too much out of pocket. Understanding this, we at Anything for Hire have put together a few tips for car hirers. So, if you are thinking of hiring a car but are alarmed by all the horror stories you hear, take our below tips on board.  

Book early  

The time in which you book your car hire will have a huge bearing on the price you will be quoted. This is a common case of supply and demand. So, to ensure you are getting the best price possible and the best pick of the bunch, get your car booked in as early as possible.  

Last-minute deals 

While this kind of contradicts the above point, it is worth knowing. Many car hire brands will offer last-minute deals on car hire. So, if you have not booked well in advance, it could be worth leaving it super-late. Just think, if they do not have a booking, it is betting to rent a vehicle out last minute and get something for it than nothing at all. 

Compare providers  

Nowadays, it is so easy to set up a website and claim to be the best car hire company around. But, it is important that you do not just take this as gospel, doing your own digging before parting with any cash. From reading online reviews to using car hire comparison sites like Anything for Hire, there is plenty you can do to ensure you are booking with the right, reputable provider. 

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Mystery Cyclist Hires Boris Bike 1600 Times

Bicycle hire has become a preferred way to travel around many UK cities, with both UK residents and tourists passionate about exercise as well as reducing their carbon footprint when getting from A to B.

However, there is one cyclist in London that is putting us all to shame.

According to a recent news article, a mystery rider has made over 1600 trips on hired ‘Boris Bikes’. This is over the past nine years, averaging around 5 trips per day on a rental bike.

But, it seems that it is not just this mystery rider who is enjoying bike rental, with 10.5 million trips taking place last year.

Signalling the success of bike rental in general, is it estimated that nearly 180,000,000 miles have been travelled on these bikes. This is the same distance as three return trips to Mars!

David Eddington, Head of Cycle Hire at TfL, said:

“In the last nine years, London’s flagship cycle hire scheme has gone from strength to strength, helping millions of people commute to work, explore the capital and get active.

“Our customers have been vital in helping us achieve a string of record years, especially Santander Cycles’ top customer, who has used the scheme an incredible 16,000 times since 2010.

“We hope that the free led rides will be a great opportunity for people to build their cycling confidence and give Santander Cycles a try.”#

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Skip Hire Company Supports Child with Brain Damage

While the majority of our blog posts are about hire businesses and their services, we today share a story about a skip hire firm doing their bit for the greater good.

According to local news sources, ETA Skip Hire, a skip rental firm based in Leigh, is supporting a young family going through a pretty hard time.

Jodie and Matthew are parents of Luca, a young toddler in need of life-changing treatment for brain damage and cerebral palsy.

Setting up a crowdfunding page to raise funds for the treatment, they were shocked to receive a message from ETA Skip Hire. Wanting to help promote the campaign and help the family, they suggested utilising their resources. Printing details of the campaign on one of its skips, the company have helped spread the word of Luca and his need for treatment across the Leigh area. What’s more is that the money made from the rental of this skip will go directly to the family.

Luca’s mum Jodie, 31, said:

“This just proves how amazing our community is.
“It is something so selfless taking all their spare time to get this printed and make their idea come a reality.

“We can’t wait for Luca to realise how far people have gone to help him in his journey with an operation that can be life-changing and hopefully get him to walk into his first day of school.”

If this story has encouraged you to donate, call ETA Skip Hire to support the campaign.

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Burglar Jailed for Raiding Tool Hire Firm

Though being all about promoting positivity in the hire industry, sometimes we unfortunately have to report stories that are far from heart-warming. And today is one of those days.

According to sources, a burglar from Welshpool has today been sentenced, prosecuted for the raid of a local tool hire company.

Stealing more than £2000 worth of equipment from the business, Ashley Smith, 24, has now been sentenced to serve 11 months in jail.

CCTV to the rescue

The criminal was caught after CCTV captured an image of his face when the neckerchief he was wearing slipped.

Cameras fitted at Phils Tools Hire on the Severn Road Industrial Estate showed both Smith and his accomplice execute the burglary three years ago. According to the authorities, one climbed through the hole, took a selection of tools and passed them to his accomplice who was waiting on the outside of the property.

While the judge felt 11 months in prison was a sufficient punishment, others did not, with hundreds of social media users sharing their negative comments online.

Judge Rhys Rowlands declared that the crime had involved a “degree of planning” and added: “The damage was considerable to a small business owned by a gentleman on the verge of retiring.”

“He has a stable personal life and he has been working as a joiner and a car valeter. It is three-and-a-half years since he committed this offence and he has not been convicted of anything since,” said his counsel.

Let us know what you think about this crime, is 11 months inside the right decision? Leave your comments and opinions with us!

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Birthday Party Planning: What to Hire

Whether planning a children’s birthday party for one of your little’uns, a sweet 16 for a family friend or a 50th birthday bash, there are many services you will need to ensure the event goes off with a bang.

This is why at Anything for Hire, we are proud to be working with all sorts of birthday party planners, providing a place for them to search, compare and book the hire services they need for their celebrations.

Below, we list just a few hire solutions that can make your upcoming birthday party one to remember.

Party bus hire

The trip to your birthday party is always one of the highlights of the night, especially if you decide to hire a swanky car or limo for the occasion. Here at Anything for Hire, we are seeing a spike in the number of birthday girls and boys hiring party buses for their birthdays. These are incredible vehicles that can seat up to 16 people and are fully fitted with music systems, televisions and champagne fridges.

Chocolate fountain hire

Whether the party is full of 6 year old or 60-year-olds, they will no doubt enjoy seeing a chocolate fountain at their birthday party. Great for giving kids a scrumptious treat as well as adults needing to line their stomachs, chocolates fountains tick boxes for everyone!

Marquee hire

Struggling to find a birthday party venue big enough that sits within budget? This is why many are opting to hire marquees instead, saving a considerable amount of money by doing so. What’s more is that having a marquee gives you more control over layout and décor, making your birthday celebrations more unique and memorable.

Mobile bar hire

When attending any type of event, our first port of call is the bar area. But, did you know this was something you can hire? That’s right, mobile bar hire comes in all shapes and sizes. Popular options include tiki bars, mirrored bars, LED-lit bars and chesterfield bars.

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Oxford Welcomes First Zero Emissions Private Hire Vehicle

Oxford is an area renowned for its love for luxurious travel, with the streets of Oxford full of stunning vehicles, many of which have been hired by residents and tourists.

Being a bit of a hotspot for vehicle hire, Oxford has this week welcomed its first fully electric private hire vehicle, helping it achieve its ambitions of becoming a ‘Zero Emission Zone’.

This has come in the form of a Tesla Model X, managed by local operator, Vert2Go. Headed up by two brothers, the business will focus on corporate clients initially. This means covering trips such as airports transfers, business trips and the likes.

Robert McDermott, managing director of Vert2Go, said: “Living in Oxford and supporting the council’s low-emissions policies, we realised the time was right to bring a fully electric, zero emissions private hire company.”

Tom Hayes, cabinet member for Zero Carbon Oxford, is equally as pleased to welcome the incredible Tesla to Oxford: “Just a few weeks after Oxford received its first zero emissions-capable black cab, the city is now going to see its first electric private taxi on our roads.

“I’m delighted the council has been able to support this new development, and I’m sure we’ll see many more licensed operators going electric” he says.

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Uber to List E-Scooters and Bikes on its Platform

Uber, one of the biggest, most progressive technology companies of our time, has this week announced their entrance into a new market. According to the firm, it will now be listing e-scooters and e-bikes on its app, giving users in Atlanta and San Diego access to these additional services first.

But, if this test is successful, the company has said it will roll it out in other locations, diversifying its offerings and customer base consequently.

Billy Guernier, head of new mobility at Uber, said, ‘If somebody opens the app and maybe historically they would’ve taken a Uber that would’ve gotten stuck in traffic and instead they take a Lime scooter that may get them there faster, that’s really a success for us.’

But, this is not Uber’s first hurrah into the world of bike and scooter rental. Currently, users are presented with a button that sends them to a secondary screen when searching for these services on the app. Now, scooter and bike hire will be fully integrated into the platform, seeing a huge amount of investment being pledged into the diversification of Uber’s services.

Now, Uber’s aim is to become the one-stop-shop for all of its user’s transportation needs; whatever they may be!

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