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Top Events for Magician Hire

Magic is one of the world’s greatest mysteries, offering both excitement and intrigue in abundance.  

This is why people of all ages are fascinated by the work of Magicians, being the reason many hire such individuals when planning important or celebratory events. Offering instant fun and entertainment, hiring a magician is a cost-effective way to keep guests happy and engaged. 

Below, we take a look at the top events you should consider hiring a magician for. 

Magicians for Children’s birthday parties   

Children’s parties are renowned for their lively, loud nature. However, most we attend tend to be similar, having the same entertainment, food and music.  

If you are looking to break the mould with your child’s upcoming birthday party, hiring a magician is a great idea, giving children an entertaining show that will keep them engaged and more importantly; smiling!  

Magicians for adult birthday parties   

If Harry Potter taught us anything it was that magic is not just for children! In fact, over the last few years, magician hire for adult parties has become increasingly popular! So, if you are arranging an 18th 30th, 50th or even an 80th birthday party, hire a magician and ensure your guests are entertained, talking and mesmerised.  

Magicians for wedding receptions  

As summer approaches, the many wedding invites come flooding through the front door. While it is great to be invited, most weddings stick with the same themes, entertainment and menus. This is why brides and grooms would benefit from mixing things up a bit when it comes to their reception entertainment, with a professional magician able to do just that!  

Magicians for office parties  

Whether looking to put on the Christmas office party of all time or just eager to spice up the quarterly staff meetup, hiring a magician will ensure your office party is one to remember. Uniting staff members in their love for magic and the world of the unknown, getting staff involved in something fun like this is great for team-building and genral office morale!  

Find a magician to hire in your area  

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The Best Events for Mobile Bar Hire

Whether attending the birthday party of the century, a corporate do at a swanky hotel or an informal get-together in your garden, the first port of call for all guests will be the fridge. 

This is why many pro and amateur Party Planners are using Anything for Hire to find mobile bar hire deals, understanding the need to serve great drinks from a great bar. Adding a tone of fun to any event in which they sit, mobile bars are a small investment that ALWAYS pay off. 

Below we take a look at the top events people are hiring bars for.  


Wedding receptions are renowned for being boozy affairs, with most guests eager to try new, exciting drinks when attending a wedding. This is why if you are in the process of planning your big day, you should certainly consider hiring a bar. With options to suit all themes, styles and colour schemes, they can also make for a pretty fab photo prop!  

House parties 

The humble house party is back! As a direct result of pub prices going up, many are now utilising the humble abode when throwing all types of celebratory parties. However, in order to separate a house party from your average weekday night in front of the tele, you will need a bar. Hiring a bar turns a simple front room or kitchen into the focal point of any party.  

Corporate events  

Business events can be boring! For this reason, many head to the bar for a bit of excitement, seeing what unique, tasty drinks are on offer. This is why if you are planning a business event, hiring a professional bar to serve scrumptious drinks from is a must.   

Other events that call for mobile bar hire include:  

  • Engagement parties  
  • Festivals  
  • Gin/beer tasting events  
  • And more!  

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New Apartment Rental Concept Launches in Aberdeen

Digital technology has completely rethought the way in which we live, thus the properties we want to spend our precious time in. Needing to be tech-savvy, the UK has a huge appetite for ‘smart’ properties.  

However, many rental properties and holiday homes are not speaking to the modern market of hirers, requiring much more than a tidy bathroom and clean sheets. This was the thinking behind the launch of Apartroom; a new concept in rental accommodation.  

This 10-unit facility has been launched in Aberdeen, Scotland; built off-site and really championing energy efficiency. The unit, which has been inspired by American motels, offers sustainable living for both businesspeople and tourists, with its creators expecting these unique properties to go down a storm with modern apartment renters. 

Built using smart technology, those staying in the apartments can control the lights, televisions, heating system and even the kettle using voice technology. This is bolstered by various other high-tech features which include the use of solar energy.  

Stuart Duncan, owner and designer of Apartroom said the following: 

“Since completing our first sustainable living house in 2015, I have been busy working on this project to launch the first Apartrooms in Scotland.” 

Hire services in Aberdeen 

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Green Light for Aberdeen Bike Hire Plan

While many cities have seen their rental schemes break down in recent months, it appears Aberdeen is still passionate about the promotion of sustainable travel.  

Just this week, a new bike hire plan has been given the green light, with Aberdeen working on its own version of the Boris Bike.  

Agreeing on a new private ownership model for the bikes, Councillors on Aberdeen City Council’s city growth and resources committee passed the proposal of a bike hire scheme going public.  

Now, members will look to engage with private firms to bring their idea to fruition.  

According to the individuals behind this venture, they have uncovered a huge appetite for bike hire in Aberdeen, wanting to follow in the footsteps of places like Edinburgh and Dundee which boast successful bike hire schemes. 

Suggested ‘docks’ for these rental bikes are Aberdeen Airport, Union Street at the Music Hall, Broad Street, Robert Gordon University King Street and Duthie Park/Deeside Way; all of which see large numbers of tourists and residents pass by.  

Convener of the committee, Douglas Lumsden, said the council was “another step closer” to seeing its bike scheme introduced.  

He added: “It’s good to see progress is being made and we’re another step closer to getting a bike hire scheme within the city as we try to encourage more people out of their cars and into more sustainable transport options.” 

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Birthday Party Planning: What to Hire

Whether planning a children’s birthday party for one of your little’uns, a sweet 16 for a family friend or a 50th birthday bash, there are many services you will need to ensure the event goes off with a bang.

This is why at Anything for Hire, we are proud to be working with all sorts of birthday party planners, providing a place for them to search, compare and book the hire services they need for their celebrations.

Below, we list just a few hire solutions that can make your upcoming birthday party one to remember.

Party bus hire

The trip to your birthday party is always one of the highlights of the night, especially if you decide to hire a swanky car or limo for the occasion. Here at Anything for Hire, we are seeing a spike in the number of birthday girls and boys hiring party buses for their birthdays. These are incredible vehicles that can seat up to 16 people and are fully fitted with music systems, televisions and champagne fridges.
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Chocolate fountain hire

Whether the party is full of 6 year old or 60-year-olds, they will no doubt enjoy seeing a chocolate fountain at their birthday party. Great for giving kids a scrumptious treat as well as adults needing to line their stomachs, chocolates fountains tick boxes for everyone!
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Marquee hire

Struggling to find a birthday party venue big enough that sits within budget? This is why many are opting to hire marquees instead, saving a considerable amount of money by doing so. What’s more is that having a marquee gives you more control over layout and décor, making your birthday celebrations more unique and memorable.
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Mobile bar hire

When attending any type of event, our first port of call is the bar area. But, did you know this was something you can hire? That’s right, mobile bar hire comes in all shapes and sizes. Popular options include tiki bars, mirrored bars, LED-lit bars and chesterfield bars.
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London Bike Hire Company Gives Away Bike Rental for Car Free Day

As a nation, we are all doing our bit to reduce our carbon footprint. 

One popular way UK residents and tourists are achieving this is by opting to cycle when they can drive. This is because the conventional road car omits huge levels of omissions into the atmosphere, with cycling being a lot kinder to our planet. 

This national focus is set to be heightened as Car Free Day approaches on Sunday 22nd September.  

Wanting to mark this incredibly important day is London’s highest-regraded bike rental firm, Brompton Bike Hire. 

Launching their Campaign for Movement, the firm will be giving away 15000 hours of free bike hire. These hours will be split across 5,000 memberships and will hopefully go a long way in promoting healthier travelling in and around London. 

Continuing to promote wellbeing in the city, Will Butler-Adams OBE, CEO of Brampton, said: 

“Our urban lifestyles are damaging our health, and we have lost touch with our surroundings – it’s time to act now before it’s too late.” 

Justifying his decision to give away so many hours of service for free, Butler-Adams is looking to make a real statement with this promotion. 

“95% of London’s population lives in areas which exceed the World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines. The government isn’t investing enough in cycling infrastructure to help solve not only pollution problems but our wider health and wellbeing. Cycling is the clear and obvious answer. We see this as a rallying cry to everybody to act now before it’s too late. If we work together, we can become a catalyst for change; creating healthier, happier cities that enable citizens, rather than hold them back” he continued. 

Bike hire in your local area  

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Just Eat Cycle Hire Delayed in Edinburgh

It has been a big week for bike hire in Scotland, with Aberdeen giving the green light to a new bike rental initiative in the city. However, for Edinburgh, things are not so positive, with plans for electric Just Eat bike hire being put on hold. 

According to sources, electric hire bikes have been delayed until next year; a rumour that has now been confirmed by Just Eat Cycles operator; Serco.  

Now, we look forward to Spring 2020; the new proposed date to welcome electric bike hire to the city.  

Serco said in May last year: “The electric bikes will be introduced by the end of the first year of the scheme.” 

However, just this week, Just Eat Cycle’s General Manager, Graham, told the press that we were looking at Spring for a new launch date. 

“We feel it would be better to launch in the spring when there would be higher usage” he said.  

When the time does come, the streets of Edinburgh will be filled with 168 of these eco bikes. But before that, the bikes can be seen and ridden at various events held at Edinburgh University. 

Mr Graham continued: “In the spring, the people of Edinburgh will have access to a fleet of e-bikes, which will provide an alternative mode of transport which is sustainable and cost effective. 

“The e-bikes will help re-introduce cycling to harder to reach groups, including older users and those who may not have ridden a bike for many years. 

But, how much will these bikes cost to hire?  

Although nothing is set in stone, riders can expect to be charged £1.50 for an hour or £3 for the whole day.  

Let us know what you think, will you be hiring an electric bike next time you are in Edinburgh?


HSS Hire Boss to Deliver Mental Health Talk to Welsh Businesses

One of Wales’ most successful businessmen, Alan Peterson, has announced that he will be a keynote speaker at a breakfast meeting at Wrexham’s Ramada Hotel on Thursday, September 19. 

The talk will urge business leaders and bosses to do more to support employees suffering from mental health problems, offering his insight and experience into the subject. 

Claiming that mental health training in the workplace will bolster regional prosperity, making Wrexham bosses more aware of such issues is to Peterson a business and ethical need. 

He said: “Mental health is a massive problem and all too often it’s an issue that gets ignored. 

“It’s an issue that means many people are going to work and due to the stress they have in their lives they are only working at 50 per cent of their mental capacity. 

“Think of a single mum who knows her child is being abused on line. Naturally she will take that abuse into work with her it will be a load on her shoulders that she can’t shake off. 

“As managers and business professionals we need to be sure we are aware of the issues and be ready to step in and help. Subtle changes in people’s lives can cause stress that will affect work performance. 

As the Chairman of HSS Hire, Peterson’s stance on mental health paints the hire brand in a great light, suggesting that its 2,900 employees found at its 250 branches are being looked after when it comes to mental health. 

Let us know your thoughts. Do you think a lack of mental health training is keeping many brands and professionals from flourishing? Share your comments with us! 

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Spike in UK Private Hire Drivers

This month we saw the release of the latest taxi and private hire figures from the Department of Transport.  

Painting a picture of the state of the whole industry, some of the figures uncovered were rather interesting. 

In the report, it was revealed that the number of private hire and taxi drivers in the UK was on the up, increasing by a pretty sizable 2.5%. While this doesn’t sound like a huge spike, this equates to an extra 7,200 vehicles. This means the total of private hire and taxi drivers on UK roads currently stands at 291,800. According to the report, this is the strongest level of growth since 2015, with the industry attracting more and more drivers of various ages and genders. 

Made up mainly of PHVs (76%), this spike is something that the authorities inevitably welcome.  

Taxi Point expanded on this:  

“The report showed that there were 291,800 licensed taxis and PHVs in England in 2019. Around a quarter (70,600) of these vehicles were taxis. The number of licensed vehicles increased by 2.5% from 2018. This was driven by a 4.4% increase in licensed PHVs from the previous year.” 

And, it is not just Central London where more licences are being issued. It is in fact the West Midlands that is driving these numbers forward, seeing the largest PHV increase. This has been influenced by an increase in the issuing of licences in Wolverhampton. 

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HSS Hire Back on Track

One of the biggest tool hire brands of our time, HSS Hire, has this week revealed their latest financial figures, narrowing losses substantially.  

Having recently been in the news for their worrying loss levels, it appears the brand has turned a real corner. Stats show that losses for the first quarter shrunk from £10.2m to a more respectable £7.4m.  

Revenue is also on the up for the firm, growing an attractive 3.9 per cent to just over £161m. 

Though there are many factors that have had a bearing on this positive news, the business claims rental activity has spiked, with their improved level of service seeing people rent more, more frequently. Their service side of the business has also seen a slight boost, with activity up 10.6%. 

Chief executive Steve Ashmore called this “a solid performance” for the first half, “in which the continued focus on driving profitable revenue growth through strong price control and effective cost management led to a significant improvement in return on capital and a further reduction in leverage.” 

“The widely reported headwinds in the economy have affected the tool hire market but HSS is well placed to manage these more challenging conditions,” Ashmore added. 

“We have taken additional action to further optimise our operating cost base and have a clear strategy to build upon our existing excellent market positions, leaving us well placed to continue to grow share in all of our markets.” 

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