Like many sectors, the limo hire industry suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Weddings, which constitute a large percentage of bookings for most companies, were either cancelled or downsized, and tourists who might have hired limousines as a mode of transport also stayed away. However, as we slowly emerge from the pandemic, things are returning to normal, and the limo hire industry is experiencing a welcome boost in bookings.

Firstly, many weddings that were postponed during the pandemic are now taking place, and brides and grooms are more eager than ever to splurge on luxury transport. Despite the impending cost of living crisis, limo hire companies have experienced a sharp rise in bookings throughout summer 2022, which looks set to continue into the winter months. Additionally, Christmas parties and school proms are back on the agenda, contributing to the increase in bookings and giving the industry a further boost.

Moreover, the UK experienced a boom in staycations during the pandemic, and while people largely stuck to their own private vehicles to comply with distancing rules, UK tourism numbers remain high now that things have opened up. Visitors have started to indulge in luxuries such as limousine and party bus hire. Additionally, overseas tourists are beginning to flock to the capital and other destinations, making 2022 a bumper year. Many of these visitors are also opting for limo and party bus hire, especially to explore a destination or travel to the airport in style.

Furthermore, limousines and party buses are not just being used by families. Restrictions around nightclubs, bars, and entertainment venues have been lifted, and we are seeing a resurgence in limousine and party bus hire for hen-and-stag-party type events.

According to Party Bus Hire, the leading website for party buses in the UK:
“The demand for party buses is on the rise as people are now eager to make up for lost time and celebrate special occasions in style. Party buses offer a unique and unforgettable experience, and we’re seeing more and more people opting for this luxury transportation option.”

In summary, multiple factors are contributing to the growth of the limo and party bus hire industry in 2022. After years of struggle and uncertainty, the industry is finally picking up pace, and it looks like the future is bright for luxury transportation services.