Wedding Hire Options

Nowadays weddings are colossal in both size and expense with so many services and products being heavily marketed to the brides and grooms of the world. At it is our job to ensure that the happy couples of the country know their options; understanding the vast hire opportunities out there.

From wedding attire and transport to wedding crockery and entertainment, the truth is that you can pretty much lease or rent anything you want when getting hitched.

Here are our top 5 wedding products from the wedding hire market.

Wedding cars

Although a pretty obvious one it is incredible just how many people skip on wedding cars, employing a mindset that they are an unwanted wedding outlay. Having deep experience in the wedding car hire market we can confidently say that this is not true, with so many competitive rates out for couples to enjoy. The key to hiring wedding cars is shopping around, without wasting too much time. Using a brokerage is a great way of ensuring you stay with your budget without having to do all the legwork.

The dress

Although an image that many ladies have mapped out in their heads for years the wedding dress is, when thought about wisely, just a dress. With the majority of women only wearing it the once it is a much better idea to hire a dress than it is to buy one. With the average dress costing around £2000 and a hire dress being a quarter of that it really is a no-brainer!


Food plays an integral part of any celebration, especially weddings; with mealtime bringing all of the guests together. As well as permitting people to engage food is also a universal language, one that will encourage comments at the table. This is why hiring a caterer is certainly advised, with many leaving such duties up to family members. At present Indian wedding caterers are much in demand in the UK, with businesses such as Maharaja and A1 Catering used nationally.


The tone and personality of the big day is something that will live on in the memory of the guests, with table decorations and the dressing of the reception space being very much a focus. 2015 saw the emergence of the handmade table decoration, with vintage themes reigning supreme. 2016 is somewhat different, with extravagance and grandeur back in fashion.


If it is a party you want from your wedding then hiring a DJ is worth consideration, being responsible for getting people on their feet and making the most of their time at your wedding. DJ’s are now categorised into genres, making it easier for brides and grooms to find entertainers that tie in with the feel of their big day.

Where to find these services

With the bottomless nature of the internet we now have access to a wide range of wedding-related information, with internet-users not afraid to put their opinions live. Therefore, we can now obtain quotes, recommendations, images and reviews with a simple click.