Glaswegian private hire drivers subject to mystery shoppers

If you are in the transport hire market you will be well aware of the constant feud between taxi drivers and private hire vehicle operators, both accusing each other of infringing on their business. This is mainly due to the dispute over ‘hailing’, meaning passengers calling a taxi from the roadside. With law stating that private hire drivers can only pick up pre-booked fares the truth is we have a few rule-benders amongst us, something that taxi rank owners and self-employed taxi drivers wish to clear up.

This month Glasgow drivers are the ones under close watch, with the local council seeing a massive increase in the number of complaints put their way. With over half of these accusations regarding ‘pirating’, the council have had no choice but to react, sending out mystery shoppers to stay on top of the issue.

Feeling that passengers are being put at risk by ill industry practices mystery shoppers are on their way, dotted throughout the city of Glasgow to depict a true picture of the way drivers are operating.

Chairman of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee, Councillor Frank Docherty said:

“Pirate drivers put passenger safety at risk. Like the pirates of old, these drivers are only interested in making a quick buck and to hell with the consequences. The council has a very active taxi enforcement team, but they can’t be everywhere all at once. Unfortunately the drivers who end up in front of the committee may only be the tip of the iceberg.”

“Introducing the mystery shopper scheme will protect both passengers and the legitimate drivers who play fairly and squarely by the rules.”

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