Indian rental market gets quirky with party hire services

It is no secret that the international hire market has become all-encompassing of late, with the entertainment market opening up as a result. Seeing party planners as well as your average Joes hire a whole range of random items Indian entrepreneurs have taken notice, offering everything from Segway and Jenga hire to camera equipment and ukuleles.

Permitting people to enjoy unique experiences without dedicating themselves to large purchases the quirky end of the industry has been rather profitable, especially in India.

“Purchasing comes with the hassle of maintenance, storage and an obligation to use the expensive product over and over,” says Shyamax Presswalla, owner of eight-month-old rental portal Offering high-end gadgets and party games for rental the firm has seen nothing but great feedback and reviews online.

“People can’t use innovative or high-tech devices mainly because they are unaffordable. By renting, you can access upgraded technology and complex equipment. We send across a technician to guide you with it too.”

Providing Segways, cameras and other quirky items the company are not the only firm that has joined the market in the last 12 months, with the country seeing the hire market for its lucrative business opportunities now more than ever.

“This trend has picked up over the past year, as more services have sprung up in the city,” says Gaurav Babel, co-founder of new company

Offering games to hire such as air hockey, corn hole, poker sets, beer pong, battleshots, drinko and karaoke machines, their services are certainly geared towards party people, with the more unique the rental service the more enticed party planners become.

“Many party games occupy a lot of space. People don’t end up using them often, so renting them over a weekend makes financial sense,” says Presswala.

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