With car rental firms often receiving bad press for their lack of environmentally-friendly efforts the big names, including Enterprise, have always made the effort, with the Rent-a-Car subsidiary successfully rolling out tree-planting initiative as well as introducing a hybrid fleet to their collection of cars.

However, it seems despite these efforts Enterprise has become ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) members. As an organisation that helps members avoid environmental regulations this move does suggest that the firm’s environmental care may be solely for PR purposes, with the reality of practicing in a 100% ethical manner being rather harsh on profits.

According to the Guardian ALEC is the business consortium that sends legislators ‘prefabricated drafts of laws tailored to obscure scientific discovery that might damage its members’ revenues, and help those members avoid environmental regulations’.

Conflicting opinions

Progressing a rather patchy attitude when it comes to global warming the international car rental firm’s previous CEO said: “For us, the argument over whether global warming is a problem or not is over,” said Andy Taylor.

In an article published later  entitled ‘ A Review of Global Warming Science” the company expressed scepticism over whether global warming will cause problematic climate change, a piece that no doubt got scientist’ backs up across the globe.

Being very open when it coms to their new membership a company spokeswoman released a statement that read:

“Please understand that our relationship with Alec is solely focused on the car rental excise tax issue.”
“As the world’s largest car rental company and a leader in the global travel industry, we are in a strong position to help drive sustainable travel solutions and policies around the globe”

“That’s why customers and employees look to us to be responsible stewards of our business and the communities where we live and work.”

So, let us know what you think, is being a green rental firm commercially impossible? Leave your comments below.