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Groom and guest for hire in Vietnam

Marriage has always being the sweetest thing to experience, especially watching two lovey-doveys who want to spend the rest of their lives together walk amidst great carmaderie to the altar.

What of fake marriage? The absurd and unrealistic culture is a well planned marriage which is scripted like one of Shakespearians best to outsmart people, most times nagging relations. A pseudo-marriage.

In recent times we find couples spending a whole lot to institute a mild romantic drama of a fake marriage ,hiring parents, aunts, uncles and pseudo-relations to please family nagging, ease excessive pressure between in-laws clashes and cover up amazing atrocities away from public ignonimy.

Taking Marlta’s wedding day as a case study, the 25-year-old who was two months pregnant hired a husband cover up the dark secret of her premature pregnancy in fear of the social stigma attached to being a single mother.

Fake Marriage

The cost and its fast growing acceptability as a profession. Looking closely at a socially conservative Vietnam, marriage can come at a very high price, and a fake one would mean spending more than normal.

“My parents would have been the first to be filled with shame if I was pregnant and without a husband,” Marlta, barely showing, told AFP a month after the $1,500 fake marriage, which was quietly paid for by her baby’s father who is married to another woman.

The wedding-guests-for-hire business is growing in Vietnam where some 70 percent of people over 15 are married and not just among pregnant women like Marlta looking for stand-in husbands. To make matter worse, sometimes when you go to a wedding you have got a lot of pseudo beings acting in the best friendly way to build up the cover as the pays as fake guest makes their livelihood.

Young couples are shelling out thousands of dollars to rent parents, aunts, uncles, godparents and friends to appease familial pressure to tie the knot or avoid clashes between in-laws who disapprove of the union.

Marlta and her fake husband were never legally married, a formality often overshadowed by lavish wedding parties in Vietnam but she is forever grateful to him for playing the part in front of her friends and relatives.

“I felt like I was about to drown but I grabbed a life jacket,” said a smiling Marlta, whose name has been changed to protect her identity. Her parents were in on the secret but Marlta plans to tell the rest of her family that her ‘husband’ left her preferring to be a divorced single mother than having a baby out of wedlock.

Relationship norms are changing fast among youth in Vietnam, where more than half of the 93 million population is under 30. More couples opting to live together before marriage or shunning the family home afterwards and renting their own apartments.

Abortions are on the rise too, with as many as 300,000 officially documented last year, but the stigma remains high. But when it comes to wedding ceremonies, many still feel immense family or social pressure to hew to tradition, especially from ultraconservative elders.

People don’t have the courage to live true to their hearts, they face traditional habits and customs, cultures and views.

A psychology researcher Nguyen Duy Cuong explained on the major cause of abortion and pseudo marriage.

“We should put ourselves in the shoes of those who have no way out,” he said, offering sympathy for those who pay for the actors to avoid causing a family rift.

That’s what led Huong and her boyfriend Quan to stage a fake ceremony. His family shunned her because she came from a poor province, but Huong’s parents insisted she marry during the year of the rooster on the advice of a fortuneteller. So the couple hosted a fake wedding in her home province of Nghe An, though they refused to say exactly how much they spent.

Her wedding guests were real, but his father, mother, uncles, aunties, friends were all hired. Despite the charade, Quan says their committment is genuine. It was both fake and real, he told AFP after the traditional ceremony last month, though is circumspect on how he will handle his parents expectations for his future.

The day almost went off without a hitch until a hired uncle got Quan’s childhood neighbourhood wrong in his wedding speech to hundreds of guests.

Still, Quan was relieved when it was all over, though he must still keep the wedding a secret from his real parents.

“It’s good to spend a bit of money and make everyone happy. We settled the headaches in peace,” Quan explained.

Fake marriage is like treating an illness

Quan and Huong are among hundreds of couples who hired wedding guests from Vinamost, one of a handful of Hanoi companies offering such services for as much as $4,400 for a full package.

Company founder Nguyen Xuan Thien says they’ve staged thousands of weddings over the years, though there are no statistics on how many fake weddings are held annually across Vietnam.

Thien said business has steadily grown with more than 400 guests for hire today from less than a dozen about a decade ago. But even he has has mixed feelings about social pressures that have carved out a market for his business.

“The message to society is that we are very worried. Like a hospital treating illnesses, we are helping brides and their families but we don’t want this to grow” Thien told AFP, adding that he considers his work a kind of community service and doesn’t make much a profit.

Marlta, who is due around April, says her fake marriage finally freed her from her lie. She said: “Hiding my pregnancy was so exhausting, but now I feel very confident about the present and the future.

Fake marriage might be the craziest to do considering its cons but its pros sometimes are proven showing why the offshoot is so high.

Ice Bar by Urban Spirit

Mobile Bar Hire provider Urban Spirit says Ice Bars are the next big trend

Are you planning a big event and want a wow factor centrepiece to ensure your occasion stands out from the crowd? Maybe you’re celebrating your wedding, birthday, anniversary, or if you’re organising a launch party or corporate event, then you need to take a look at a new provider, Urban Spirit for the latest trend in mobile bar rental trends.

Urban Spirit claims that ice bars are set to be the next big trend for events. Only a select number of mobile bar hire companies are able to provide these type of unique bars, so ensure you do your homework first in order to find an ice mobile bar stockist in your area.

Whether you’re holding your event in a marquee, a hotel, country house or town hall, the ice bar can be set up in virtually any surroundings. You can also choose to personalise your ice bar by having your name, initials, or company logo or any other design engraved on your solid ice bar.

Urban Spirit is one of the UK’s leading providers of ice bars. Check out the company website where you’ll find a wide range of exciting bars available to hire at competitive rates including LED light up bars which can be illuminated in any colour you choose, plus chrome bars, mirrored bars, and traditional wooden bars.

Would you hire an ice bar for your next event?


Marquee comparison site launches

Here at AnythingforHire, we have witnessed first-hand just how impactful technology has been on the UK hire market, with incredible innovation popping up all of the time. This week, we were thrilled to hear the news of a new hire venture in Devon. Set up by two brothers, a new marquee hire comparison site has now launched.

The idea came to Tim and Bill Verwey when watching their sister struggle to plan her wedding. Facing obstacle after obstacle when looking to rent a marquee for her big day, they knew there was a better way to connect customers with suppliers. From here, was born.

Turning the idea into a fully-fledged business, the company now enjoy a strong panel of providers, currently working with 115 trusted registered companies.

Tim said: “We all found it impossible to answer these simple questions online… how much will the marquee cost, how big does it need to be, what will it look like & will it fit in my garden?

“We thought, why isn’t there a website that easily answers all of these questions, especially as you can already order food or flights or book a holiday in seconds.

“So, we set out to build a website that brings the marquee industry into the 21st century and we are the only comparison website in the world for marquee hire.”

Crafting their business skills in university and other roles, these two men have been tipped to achieve great things in the industry.

Tim continues:

“We both got into tech startups and entrepreneurship at university plus Bill spent years putting marquees up in Devon and Cornwall.

“We always wanted to start a company and was born.”

Looking for hire services in your area?

If you are on the search for rental services, whether it be car hire, bouncy castle hire or even event hire; make use of our app. Free to download and easy to navigate what more can you ask for?

snowman bouncy castle

Giant Snowman Bouncy Castle is Coming to Kent

Starting on Thursday, December 21, Betteshanger Country Park in Kent will be welcoming children of all ages for a truly spectacular festive treat.

For ten days, the park – which is located three miles outside the town of Deal – will play host to a giant, inflatable snowman. Standing at 50 feet tall, he will tower over the surrounding countryside and be visible for miles around. However, this snowman won’t just look festive. In fact, his belly will conceal a fantastic bouncy castle for the local kids to enjoy.

Apparently, the attraction can hold as many as 25 children at any one time, with no booking necessary – just bring your little ones along and let them burn off all of that excess Christmas energy.

“We are very excited to be welcoming a 50ft high inflatable snowman to Betteshanger this Christmas,” a park spokesperson told KentLive. “Young children will love bouncing and jumping around inside his tummy.”

According to local news, the snowman – provided by a premium hire company – will form the centrepiece of an array of festive activities set to take part in Betteshanger Country Park.

At the same time, a snow tubing run will be providing adrenaline-fuelled thrills with an 18-metre slope of frozen fun whatever the weather. Families are invited to grab a rubber tube and get sliding – with both adults and children alike encouraged to have a go. Meanwhile, budding explorers will have an opportunity to explore the underground overground, when the UK’s first mobile, interactive caving system comes to town.


Indian rental market gets quirky with party hire services

It is no secret that the international hire market has become all-encompassing of late, with the entertainment market opening up as a result. Seeing party planners as well as your average Joes hire a whole range of random items Indian entrepreneurs have taken notice, offering everything from Segway and Jenga hire to camera equipment and ukuleles.

Permitting people to enjoy unique experiences without dedicating themselves to large purchases the quirky end of the industry has been rather profitable, especially in India.

“Purchasing comes with the hassle of maintenance, storage and an obligation to use the expensive product over and over,” says Shyamax Presswalla, owner of eight-month-old rental portal Offering high-end gadgets and party games for rental the firm has seen nothing but great feedback and reviews online.

“People can’t use innovative or high-tech devices mainly because they are unaffordable. By renting, you can access upgraded technology and complex equipment. We send across a technician to guide you with it too.”

Providing Segways, cameras and other quirky items the company are not the only firm that has joined the market in the last 12 months, with the country seeing the hire market for its lucrative business opportunities now more than ever.

“This trend has picked up over the past year, as more services have sprung up in the city,” says Gaurav Babel, co-founder of new company

Offering games to hire such as air hockey, corn hole, poker sets, beer pong, battleshots, drinko and karaoke machines, their services are certainly geared towards party people, with the more unique the rental service the more enticed party planners become.

“Many party games occupy a lot of space. People don’t end up using them often, so renting them over a weekend makes financial sense,” says Presswala.

Let us know what you think, could the UK hire market take inspiration from India? Share your comments with us.



Maharaja London

Indian wedding caterer Maharaja partners with Hilton Hotels for wedding venue hire packages

Indian catering company, Maharaja, have joined forces with a string of Hilton hotels, offering both Asian and UK couples the full wedding hire package. Celebrating the pros of hiring outside caterers the firm now act as a one stop shop for wedding hire services, working with a long list of wedding providers. However, over the course of the last year the firm have had a strong presence in the Hilton chain, offering brides and grooms a bespoke wedding package that unfolds at the Hilton.

Synonymous with style and beauty the Hilton seem to mirror the qualities Maharaja wish to prevail, passionate about offering high end experiences at reasonable rates.

Lak Banwait of the UK catering firm says:

‘We now have over 50 Hilton hotels that we work, many located in London and the surrounding areas. Being such a well-known chain we truly admire their ability to maintain standards up and down the country , with each and every venue being immaculately clean and offering an incredibly high standard of service’.

‘While all about offering an unforgettable experience we have found that Hilton hotels are actually great when it comes to venue hire rates, allowing the Maharaja team to build wedding packages that do not break the bank’.

Why choose Maharaja?

Run by an experienced team the staff at Maharaja are the best equipped wedding planners in the industry, always delivering on their promises. Catering to a wealth of tastes and dietary requirements it is understandable why such prestigious venues like the Hilton open up their doors to the caterers.

Visit today and learn more about this fast growing brand.


The London Helicopter launch exclusive Kew Gardens packages

At Anything For Hire we are incredibly excited by alternative means of transport, with the more lavish the vehicle the better the impact. This is why we were really excited by the latest promotion run by The London Helicopter, launching three new offers, all unique in style and all celebrating the stunning Kew Gardens. Kew Gardens is a botanical gardens in south-west London and the world’s largest collection of living plants, a spot that is renowned for encouraging great memories.

The three Kew Gardens Picnic Packages on offer are the Deluxe Picnic Package, The Luxury Picnic Package and The Max Picnic Package

Deluxe Picnic Package

This exclusive package includes an 18 minute London ‘Sights flight’, permitting passengers to see the glories city in all of its beauty. With the deal customers also receive a car transfer from The London Helicopter to Kew Gardens as well as entrance to Kew. While focused on the scenery the firm have not forgotten the need for great food and drink, throwing in a Deluxe Picnic Box.

Prices: The price is £595 for two people flying on a shared London Sights flight and £1,195 for an exclusive hire London Sights flight.

Luxury Picnic Package

With this option you can enjoy a car transfer from central London to the London Heliport in addition to the 18 minute London Sights flight on an exclusive hire basis. You will also receive:

•car transfer to Kew Gardens

•entrance to Kew Gardens

•Luxury Picnic Hamper

• transfer return to central London (max six hours total).

Prices: £1,820 for two people.

The Max Picnic Package

The Max package showcases a wealth of great features, again offering car rental from central London to the famous London Heliport.

According to the firm customers can enjoy:

‘a 30 minute London Max flight on an exclusive hire basis, car transfer to Kew Gardens, entrance to Kew Gardens, Luxury Picnic Hamper and car transfer return to central London (max six hours total).’

Prices: £2,320 for two people.

Having worked with many private jet and helicopter firms in our time is safe to say that we highly recommend indulging in such luxury.


Top tips for bouncy castle hire

If you are planning a child’s birthday party then we understand how much there is to do, with the list getting longer and longer throughout the planning process. At Anything For Hire we aim to help the stressed party planners of the UK, giving them a suite of hire services in which they pick, choose and gain inspiration from.

With the sun shining down here at our Welsh HQ we thought we would write about bouncy castle hire, something that we at Anything For Hire are always keen to promote. Being a fun party prop for children and adults alike a bouncy castle in the garden or venue can take a party from mediocre to fabulous, allowing everyone to let their hair down and revel in silliness.

If you are considering hiring a bouncy castle this summer then we hope our top tips will help!

Go big or go home

The one bit of advice we are keen to share is about the size of your hired bouncy castle with the bigger the unit the more fun to be had. What we have found in the past is that smaller bouncy castles don’t encourage the adults and shyer of children to get involved, with bigger options encouraging everyone to let lose and join in on the fun!

Be safe

While parties are all about fun and games the truth is bouncy castles are not always safe, with children in particular getting over-excited at times. This is why each child must have a parent or guardian looking over them at all times, ensuring they are not causing any harm to themselves of others.

It is also advised to surround the bouncy castle with soft material, making sure that if a child were to fall off of the inflatable part they have something soft to break their fall.

Book early

Like anything party-orientated bouncy castle hire gets booked up quickly leading up to the party season. For this reason it is essential to register your interest and get a quote generated as early as possible, securing your booking and optimising on the event.

If you have any party hire tips you wish to share with the AFH community then feel free to post them below.

Anything for Hire App

Venue Hire: 5 useful tips

If you have been placed In charge of arranging an important event then we understand the stresses involved, having been in the hire market for many years. Finding strategic planning to be the key to all successful events we thought we would share our tip 5 venue hire tips with you, we hope they help!

Decide on a budget

Where the saying states ‘money isn’t everything’ it really is when it comes to venue hire as you get what you pay for. This is why we at Anything For Hire always recommend putting a budget in place as early as possible. Benefits of this include:

  • Ensuring you do not fall in love with a venue that is unobtainable
  • Avoiding time wasting
  • Allowing you to locate venues that reflect the standard of event you are planning
  • Making sure the stresses of finances do not overshadow the event

Shop around

For many event planners they will have that one venue in mind, one that they a confident will support their event wholeheartedly. What we always suggest is viewing three venues before parting with a deposit, two that you know quite well and one ‘wildcard’. In doing so you either validate your initial idea or open up your mind to consider other options.

Read reviews

With the open nature of the internet we can now access reviews and testimonials on pretty much anything, with the world being slightly obsessed with celebrating great customer service and warning others of bad experiences. This rings particularly true when it comes to venue hire opportunities with brides, party planners and other individuals eager to share their thoughts and opinions.

If you are planning to hire a venue get online and see what other customers are saying.

Attend an event

With venue hire you have the luxury of experiencing an event before parting with your money with many locations, especially for weddings, inviting guests to see the place in action during the pitching stage. This can be a really useful way of deciding whether or not that particular venue will suit your upcoming event.

Go with your heart

With the stresses probably taking their toll the one thing to remember when planning an important event is to go with your heart, selecting a venue that will impress, serve and support your guests throughout the duration of their time there.

Wedding car hire packages by market leader

When planning your big day transport must be well thought out and executed, having a huge bearing on the flow of the day. As well as the logistics of the celebration transport is also a way in which brides and grooms can prevail a certain theme, setting the tone of the day in the way they intend.

At present the wedding car hire market is anything but boring, with so many brides and grooms getting inventive when it comes to vehicle selection. Seeing vehicles such as Starline party buses and top of the range supercars used for weddings businesses like have certainly sat up, adding to their fleet as a result of such demands.

‘Before now wedding bookings were usually for Lincoln Towncar limousines and the ods chauffeur car. Over the course of the past 2 years this has dramatically changed, with brides, grooms, bridesmaids and the whole wedding party wanting rare cars, sports vehicles and much more’ says Managing Director of

Top wedding packages

  • Bride and groom car packages – offers great discounts for multi-car bookings, so the more you book, the more you save. With matching Rolls Royce Phantoms or chauffeur cars that compliment one another the company is passionate about offering the greatest bespoke bride and groom car packages.
  • Brides, groom and guest packages – Working closely with a UK-wide coach company is your one stop shop for all wedding transport, permitting couples to accommodate their guests without breaking the bank.
  • Wedding party packages – If you are planning on a large affair then you may want to think about arranging transport for those closest to you; the wedding party. With groomsmen, bridesmaids, mothers and close friends all having an impact on your day it may be an idea to arrange their transport. pride themselves on their ability to keep costs down whilst hiring a large number of vehicles.
  • Wedding and honeymoon packages – Many brides and grooms, especially those into their cars, choose to hire a separate car to take then to the airport, something a little flash. At they offer great deals on everything from limousines, chauffeur cars, sports cars and party buses.

Visit the website and learn more about the numerous car hire packages on offer.