With the New Year now upon us, many will be thinking about the summer. And, for Year 11s, focus will no doubt be on prom. 

With prom being one of the most important events in your life, those in charge of planning such events can feel a great deal of pressure.  

This is why today we share tips and advice to those in charge of the prom planning process, looking at ways in which planners can hire certain services and products to make their prom a great on. So, whether you are a professional planner given this task or a teacher that has been roped in, read on!  

Venue hire  

Finding the right venue should be your first objective when agreeing to arrange a prom party. Having a huge bearing on the success of the event, the venue must be two things; easy to access and big enough for the guests.  

Mobile Bar hire  

With most students being 18 years of age by the time prom comes around, most will be looking for the bar area on entrance. This is why as the planner, it is essential that you have a good-looking, functional bar managed by a top bartender.  

For this reason, most hire bars. Coming in all shapes, styles and sizes, you can match up your bar to the theme of the event, its décor and so on. Popular prom bar hire options include mirrored bars, festival bars, grass-covered bars and more. 

Chocolate fountain hire  

With lots of dancing and drinking, prom kings and queens can quickly build up an appetite. And, with dinner often later in the evening, a little snack will go down a treat. This is why many choose to hire chocolate fountains for proms and many other types of events. Offering an indulgent treat that also looks cool in the venue, chocolate fountain hire ticks many boxes.  

Limousine hire  

Students will want to arrive at prom in style. For this reason, you will find many on the search for glamourous cars to make their all-important entrance in. While something parents usually arrange, putting parents in contact with the best limousine providers will show just how on the ball you are as a planner.   

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