Whether you are a one-man-band tradesman, a large crew of property developers or a parent with a long list of DIY jobs to get through before the holidays, having the right tools to get these jobs done is simply a must. 

However, owning the right tool to do the exact job is often not the case, seeing us in a rush to get to the shops and pick up a drill, hammer, digger or even a paint stripper. As well as being inconvenient, buying tools as you go can also prove expensive. This is why most opt to hire tools; an easy, affordable way to get what you want, when you want.  

However, in recent years, tool hire fees have spiked, leaving consumers stung by high prices. This is where we at Anything for Hire come in, helping the consumers of the UK save money on tool hire by shopping with the right suppliers.   

 Below, we take a look at the best ways you can save money on tool hire.  

Hire locally  

Just think about it, if you are based in Cardiff and looking to hire a tool from Edinburgh, you are going to either have to pay for postage or incur a delivery charge in some shape or form. This is why hiring locally always pays off; an approach that can save you up to 15% on your tool hire bill. Not only does hiring locally help you save your pennies but it is also advantageous to the local community, seeing you spend your money with a local business rather than a national, faceless big wig.  

Only hire tools for the amount of time you need them  

When looking to hire a tool of any type, put some thought into how long you actually need the tool or piece of equipment for. Where it can be easy to say ‘I need a tool for a week’, the truth is, a few days may suffice. Although not making a huge difference to the job, it will have a rather large bearing on how much you will be quoted for tool hire. So, if you only need the tool for the day, ensure that is what you request to be quoted on.  

Compare tool hire providers  

The best way to save money on tool hire is by comparing your options, gaining a full view of the market, availability and going from there.  

If you are in the market for tool hire, you have stumbled across the right site. This is because at Anything for Hire, we can connect you with local tool hire suppliers in just a few seconds. Utilising our intelligent search tool, you can search, compare and even place your tool hire booking, all in one place!  

But remember, that’s not all you can use Anything for Hire for. Through this site you can arrange all types of hire services and products. From van hire and car hire to bouncy castle hire and even chocolate fountain hire; the options are endless! 

So, what are you waiting for? Make your way over to our homepage now and start shopping for hire services the modern, affordable way.