Here at Anything for Hire, we do our best to keep our finger on the pulse, understanding what consumers want in the way of hire services and solutions. This is why in recent times, we have formed partnerships with furniture hire companies up and down the country. 

With the UK’s growing appetite for furniture hire, we are proud to be helping the growing number of furniture hirers find what they are looking.   

Below, we take a look at the top reasons people are hiring furniture instead of buying it.   

People are moving around more 

Many moons ago, people would grow up in an area, buy a house there and stay there for the rest of their life. But this is no longer the case, with the Millennial generation passionate about travel and exploring different cultures constantly. Being more willing to up sticks and move for work, ‘laying down routes’ has become far less important.   

This is why furniture for life is not something people are in the market for. Therefore, renting makes sense, allowing people to hire sofas, beds and the likes for the amount of time they are in that particular house in that particular area, ridding of the need to sell furniture every time they move on.  


You will be hard-pushed to find a good-quality sofa or dining table and get change from £1000. While this sounds high, it’s just reality. But, most of us do not have thousands of pounds in spare cash to spend on such items. This is what makes renting furniture such an attractive proposition to many, dedicating just a small monthly fee to pay for the furniture they love. 

What’s more is that by hiring, people have access to a wider range of top-quality, expensive furniture; furniture that they could never afford if they had to buy it outright.  


We buy furniture to either complement or make the room in which it sits, with colours and textures being considered before making a purchase. What this usually means is that when we come around to decorating, we either replace all of the furniture or ‘make do’ and not opt for the total new look we have in our minds. And, with most families decorating every year, this is a real problem.  

But now, people can hire furniture and return it when they decorate, swapping their items in for ones more suited to their newly-decorated home or office.  

Hire furniture through Anything for Hire  

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