This quarter we have seen a string of mergers in the hire industry, with this week seeing Carrier Rental Systems (UK)  acquiring Gloucestershire-based HVAC rental firm Watkins Hire.

Based on Lyndsey, Watkins Hire offer a wealth of services, best known for the supply of air conditioning and chillers, steam boilers, heating and hot water boilers for temperature control projects across the country.

“Watkins Hire is a respected company within the UK temperature control rental sector and will further enhance our ability to serve our customers – in terms of geographic presence, equipment availability and choice of service and product offerings,” said Richard Jones, managing director, of UTC Climate, Controls & Security’s HVAC UK business.

With a long standing in the industry this collaboration will no doubt reach the realms of success.

“Watkins Hire adds specialist rental expertise particularly in steam, heating and hot water boiler applications, and has a strong presence with key accounts in industry and the events sectors,” he added.

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