Facebook LogoA 19-year-old from Pennsylvania has found himself in deep trouble after posting an advert looking for hitman hire on the popular social networking site Facebook.

Teenager Corey C Adams was already in trouble with the police after he was charged with the rape of a 20-year-old female. It has been alleged by the young woman that Adams attacked her in her car after she left a party last June.

On the Facebook posting Adams wrote an advert asking for help before offering $500 to hire a hitman to have a “girl knocked off right now.”

Following a police enquiry, in which Adams gave two different accounts of how the hitman request came to be on Facebook, the teen admitted that he had been angry about the allegations which were pending against him.

As well as the rape charge, Adams is now also facing charges of solicitation to commit murder for which he could face a custodial sentence of between 11-22 years if found guilty.