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Luxury Cars: What to Hire this Summer

While the British summer is wildly unpredictable, as a nation, we certainly make the most of the sun that we do get. This is why luxury car hire has become increasingly popular as summertime creeps in.

Today, we at Anything for Hire take a look at the best luxury cars to hire this summer. Whether looking for something snazzy to arrive at your summer wedding in or just want to hire a good-looking self-drive car for a road trip, below are our top suggestions.

Bentley GT Convertible

There really is nothing like travelling inside a Bentley, being one of the most luxurious car makes to come out of Britain. If you are looking to hire a car that is classy and easy on the eye, look no further than the Bentley GT convertible. Perfect for all sorts of trips, the GT Convertible is suited to those that want to stand out on the road this summer, commonly hired for big events such as weddings, proms, business trips, airport transfers and the likes!

Range Rover Sport

The Range Rover Sport is a timeless vehicle that is a popular hire choice. With a spacious cabin, big wheels and luxurious leather interior, the Range Rover Sport ticks every box!

Audi R8

Fancy something that packs a bit of a punch? If that’s the case, you may want to explore the idea of hiring an Audi R8; one of the greatest supercars of our time. Boasting an incredibly unique exterior design as well as an impressive collection of tech features, the R8 offers an enhanced travel experience like no other.

Rolls Royce Cullinan

While the latest addition to the Rolls Royce convoy, the Cullinan is outshining its predecessors when it comes to the hire market. Offering a modern take on the classic Rolls Royce setup, the Cullinan is an ideal choice of vehicle this summer.

Reserve luxury cars through Anything for Hire

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You Can Now Hire the Spice World Bus!

As you will know by looking through our website, you can hire pretty much anything nowadays. From chocolate foundations to chairs and even bars for the garden, the rental market is just as weird as it is wonderful.

And, this week, it just got a whole lot more exciting!

It appears that the iconic Spice World bus made famous by the Spice Girls in the late 90s has re-emerged, being turned into an Airbnb! Adorned with the iconic union artwork, the full-size London bus can be rented by groups in need of accommodation, suitable for three guests at a time.

Completely gutted and renovated, the bus will be open for guests in time for the big Spice Girls Reunion. Taking place at Wembley Stadium in June, the bus will no doubt be in demand amongst die-hard Spice Girls fans in need of central London accommodation.

Suzanne Godley, the brains behind this incredible project, sees this business venture as a labour of love, being a huge fan of the British girlband since her childhood.

“My parents were subjected to my tone-deaf performance as Baby Spice, and I must have watched the Spice World move hundreds of times,” she said.

‘And while I have grown up over the years, I don’t think I’ve ever grown out of my love for them.”

The bus will be located at Wembley Park on the nights of the concert, being of close proximity to the concert venue.

“We’ve worked hard over the past few months to turn the bus into a home, in keeping with its legacy, and I’m so excited to open it up to the public with the support of Airbnb,” Godley continued.

Let us know what you think. Would you hire this Spice World bus to spend the night in?


Cardiff GPs to Prescribe Bike Hire to Patients

Cardiff is a city that is understandably close to our hearts, being the place where the Anything for Hire journey begun! This is why we are always thrilled to hear news of the city’s hire industry, eager to keep our ear to the ground and stay abreast the city’s incredible business community and goings on.

Just this week, we learn that Cardiff and Vale’s health board will now permit GPs under them to prescribe free bike hire from nextbike to patients. This will mainly be for individuals that require more exercise in order to lose weight.

Offering 6-month prescriptions, GPs will promote the nextbike business as a whole; a bike rental scheme whereby residents and tourists can rent dockless bikes in and around the city.

Seeming to tick all the boxes for health care providers, Public health consultant, Dr Tom Porter, said it was “one of the easiest ways to reduce your risk of ill health while building your cardiovascular fitness”.

The pilot scheme will first be rolled out in two surgeries; Landsdowne Surgery and Fairwater Health Centre. Those who are prescribed will be given a unique code which will provide them with unlimited 30-minute hires completely free of charge.

GP Dr Karen Pardy said: “Whilst we are aware of the many benefits of exercise for our patients, people are sometimes reluctant to engage.

“nextbike on prescription allows people to have a go at cycling around Cardiff and realise how this can help to support their overall wellbeing.”

Cardiff council’s cabinet member for health, Susan Elsmore, said the city was “incredibly fortunate and proud to offer this opportunity”.

According to statistics, regular cycling can cut an individual’s chance of dying from heart disease by a huge 50%. Focusing on these impressive stats, local GPs are understandably excited to see nextbikes being utilised in this way.

As it stands, Cardiff is in possession of 500 bikes that are dotted around 27 different sites. These conduct around 10,000 trips a week, credited for helping Cardiff reduce its carbon footprint and promote healthy modes of transport.


Aberdeen Launch Public Consultation Over Bike Hire

From London to Cardiff, most UK cities are now toying with the idea of featuring bike rental facilities in their area. In a plea to support environmentally-friendly efforts and get people active again, such schemes have proven incredibly beneficial and lucrative for local councils.

This week, Aberdeen adds its name to the list, holding a public consultation on the subject. Exploring their options when it comes to bike hire schemes, the city has launched a survey. Eager to gauge the opinion of the public, it appears Aberdeen really want to get this pushed through and more importantly, roll out the right set-up for the city.

Council spokeswoman, Sandra Macdonald, said:

“We’d urge as many people as possible to take part in the survey as even if you don’t cycle around at the moment, you may have used a similar bike hire scheme in another city.

“We’d welcome your opinion about how it could work in Aberdeen.”

Putting control into the hands of the people of Aberdeen, residents will get a say on the type of bikes they would want to see, the prices they expect to be charged as well how they think the scheme should be funded. The survey takes just 10 minutes to complete and could have a huge impact on city’s transport infrastructure.

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Hertz Go British With New Service

Popular car rental firm, Hertz, has this week announced details of their latest service. Honing in on the British theme, the brand has launched ‘The British Collection’ in the UK. Putting our country’s wonderful cars of a pedestal, the collection comprises of stunning Jaguars and Land Rover marques.

Available at three different locations, London Heathrow Airport, Marble Arch and Edinburgh Airport, this best-of-British collection will give its customers the option to experience the luxury of some of the world’s greatest cars. These will include popular models such as the Land Rover Discovery Sport, Jaguar F Pace, E Pace, XE and XF.

Those that decide to rent any of these cars will also be given a free additional driver on their policy and unlimited mileage, with Hertz eager to showcase the wonders of these vehicles.

But, getting behind the wheel isn’t even the best bit! When waiting to collect these British masterpieces, customers will be able to wait in a dedicated lounge; one filled with UK-inspired furnishings. Offering a relaxing ambience, these unique lounges are said to offer a heightened ‘premium experience’ for Hertz customers to enjoy.

Richard Davies, Country Manager for Hertz UK, says:

“The unveiling of The British Collection and dedicated lounges represents Hertz’s continuing commitment to providing its customers with unique and exclusive tailored experiences. The British Collection is a new, upmarket offering, built with creativity and luxury in mind. Working with premium British brands and talent, we’ve been able to build an adventure from branch to the road.”

While something new and exciting for us, this is not the first time Hertz has singled out a country’s car making triumphs. Just last year, the Italian side of the business launched the “Selezione Italia” range, promoting the country’s stunning vehicles to residents and tourists alike.

Let us know what you think, would a posh waiting area and free millage persuade you to book with Hertz?


Enterprise Acquires SHP Hire

It has been a big week for the UK rental market. From the BVRLA releasing a detailed report on the industry’s economic worth to witnessing the decline of yet more bike hire companies.
However, today we learn of a pretty exciting new business venture, with Enterprise Rent-A-Car announcing that they have made yet another acquisition. Investing in SHP Hire, a vehicle hire and management business, Enterprise look to further extend their of rental products offering across the UK.

Who is SHP Hire?

Based in Romsey, SHP Hire is a successful rental business that operates in 16 different areas of the UK. These include large bases in Manchester, Newcastle, Nairn, Shrewsbury, Calne and more.
With a huge, diverse fleet, the business is currently in possession of 18,500 vehicles. These range from cars and light commercial vehicles (LCVs) to heavy goods vehicles (HGVs), tippers, gold buggies and much more!

The plan for this meeting of minds if for the SHP Hire operation to work under Enterprise’s Flex-E-Rent sub-brand. With these additional vehicles, the company will be able to promote an overall fleet of 45,000.

“We needed to find the right partner to acquire the SHB Hire business,” said the business’ chairman, Mike Street.

“Enterprise and SHB Hire employees share a commitment to delivering the best customer care.

“The fact that we are both family-owned and run has enabled us to take a long-term view. The acquisition secures the future of the business and will provide customers with a greater diversity of product lines, as well as access to industry leading technologies and infrastructure.”

Enterprise is equally as thrilled to see this deal come to fruition. The brand’s Managing Director, Khaled Shahbp, said the following:

“The Street family established and built SHB Hire into an industry-leader with an impressive customer base and reputation for customer service.

Let us know what you think about this high-profile deal by leaving your comments below.


Reading Bike Hire Comes to a Halt

The cycle hire industry has been one of complete upheaval in recent months. From councils ditching programs to providers entering administration, is appears the service tipped to revise our transport industry is going south.

Just this week we hear the news that Reading’s bike hire scheme, ReadyBike, is coming to halt.

The bike rental company has apparently “struggled to cover the costs of operating the scheme” with “current factors” having “significantly impacted” the business.

While having been offering bike hire deals in the town since 2014, ReadyBike is struggling to maintain momentum in Reading, failing to sign sponsorship deals to fund the day-to-day running of the business. Initially funded by the Government, it has now been reported that Reading Borough Council has been spending close to £10,000 a month to keep the business running.

No longer viable for the Council’s residents or tourists, the scheme has no option but to end. However, it is not all doom and gloom for the people of Reading, with the Council this week announcing that it was in talks with another bike rental provider that is willing to take over from ReadyBike.

Tim Caswell, from Hourbike Limited, the company that manages the bikes, said:

“It is with some sadness that Hourbike has had to give notice from operating ReadyBike.”

Bike hire will stop being offered as of March 31st with all of the vehicles to be held in storage.

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Scooter Hire Firm Criticised for Injuring Hirers

As reported in many of our previous blog posts, the scooter hire industry is struggling, with many high-profile businesses having no choice but to either downsize or shut up shop completely. In what was meant to be an industry that would revitalise eco-friendly transport, it appears that all is not as rosy as once thought.  

Just this week, e-scooter hire firm, Lime, has come under scrutiny, warning their customers of various faults with their vehicles. According to sources, Lime announced that a fault they had detected was resulting in hirers being flung off of their scooters; a fault that has caused many injuries.  

These instances mostly occurred when the scooters were going downhill at high speeds, with the electric engine suddenly braking. This ‘jerk’ that saw people being flung was a result of the bug; a bug that the firm now promises to have put right.  

A software update had “resulted in a material reduction of occurrences” they say. 

“Data shows scooters are a safe form of transportation, comparable to or safer than bicycles”.  

William Wallace, a senior policy analyst at Consumer Reports, said: “Right now, a stunning number of e-scooter users are getting seriously hurt, including with head injuries. 

“Consumers, scooter companies, cities, helmet-makers, and safety regulators must work together now to improve the safety of these products.” 

While promising that all is safe in the world of scooter hire, hirers are being advised to test brakes before use and wear helmets; a caution that will no doubt make some feel rather uneasy.  

Lime Scooters  

As it stands, Lime scooters are being hired in over 100 countries across the globe. This results in around 1 million rides on Lime scooters taking place per month. But with 1500 scooter-related injuries reported in the US last year, is this an industry that can survive?  

Let us know what you think by leaving your comments with us.  



Car Hire Firm Marks 15th Birthday with Rebrand

Affordable Car Hire, a website that connects users with rental cars from over 15000 destinations worldwide, has this week marked its 15th birthday. Celebrating the milestone in true style, the company has decided to roll out a rebrand; one that has received mixed reviews online.  

Bringing with it a fresh new feel, the company’s new logo and colour palette very much signifies new beginnings, something they are understandably focusing on after their high-profile spat with Avis Budget. Having been involved in claims and counter claims over millions in unsettled invoices, it appears the rental firm is finally putting the bad blood behind them.  

“This is the first time in a long while we can look forward to an exciting future without the threat of a lawsuit hanging over us” they said.  

Sporting a new strapline that reads ‘‘Rentals Made Simple’, the company is evidently striving for great things in 2019, seeing the company’s Founder and Director, Angela Day, make the announcement.  

Sharing details of their rebrand at the Travel Weekly Globe Travel Awards on Thursday, the entrepreneur said how they had “enhanced” their website in order to bring it up-to-date.  

“We had reached a level with the current platform where we needed to reignite it. We’re really proud of our rebrand” she added.  

The new logo comes in the form of a star shape, with each point of the star representing each service the company offers. Having recently added motorhomes to their list of offerings, their service list now comprises of car, motorbike and motorhome hire, airport parking and lounges.  

“The current platform needed to be enhanced so that we could display more stock,” she said. “We believe we are the only car hire company to be offering a live booking engine for motorhomes, and we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved” Day continues.  

What are your thoughts on this rebrand? Can Affordable Car Hire finally put the past behind them?