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Tesla Model S Limousine Hits Ebay

Back in 2016, automobile industry bloggers were horrified when Big Limos, a California-based luxury car manufacturer, first got their hands on this particular vehicle.

At the time, the sight of a brand new Tesla Model S – a car worth around $100,000 – being sliced in half was more then some commentators could bear. However, Big Limo promised that it would be worth it, as the operation was merely the first step in transforming the vehicle into a unique Model S limousine.

One year later, and the results of their experiment are on eBay for everyone to see. According to the advertisement, the vehicle was first constructed for an advertising campaign – but now it’s been listed on the auction site where enthusiasts are encouraged to enter bids for the one-of-a-kind limo.

After cutting it in half, engineers stretched the chassis of the Model S, creating a roomy interior with plenty of scope for conversion. And with only 150 miles on the clock, it could be a good investment for someone looking for a limousine with a difference. In fact, its creators believe that it’s the only Model S limo in the world.

However, there is one downside – the project is only 90% complete. With this in mind, the buyer will need to add the finishing touches themselves – or be prepared to pay Big Limos an additional fee.

As of today, the auction has attracted 17 bidders and a maximum bid of almost $30,000. However, the reserve has not yet been met. According to the listing, the seller hopes to make back at least the $100,000 they initially invested – meaning that this might not be so much of a bargain after all.


iSuperdrive Brings Luxury Car Hire to the Sharing Economy

With ventures like Airbnb and Uber blazing a trail of success around the globe, it’s clear that the sharing economy is here to stay. A peer-to-peer system of trading, it has seen individuals suddenly able to compete with big companies across every industry from hospitality to chauffeuring and more.

However, the luxury car hire market has been distinctly lacking it’s own contribution to this 21st century market – until now. With the launch of iSuperdrive, customers can hire a range of premium vehicles direct from their owners for the first time.

With an international and ever-expending network of carefully-selected fleet owners, iSuperdrive allows customers access to an incredible range of luxury vehicles whether they’re in the UK or travelling abroad.

There are literally thousands of vehicles to choose from, with brands like Aston Martin, Bentley, Mercedes, McLaren, BMW, Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari all available to hire direct at a bargain price. Users simply log on to iSuperdrive from their laptop or smartphone and begin searching – the service is completely free of charge.

What’s more, iSuperdrive also operates a price comparison function, enabling customers to compare multiple quotes from local suppliers all in one place. And by eliminating sales commission and broker fees, the company is able to offer vehicle hire at the best possible prices.

“All of us at iSuperdrive are passionate about cars and travel,” CEO David Robertson announced in a press release, “so we are thrilled to be combining the two by launching a service which allows our customers to have better access to luxury cars while they explore new destinations. We have developed a convenient, affordable and user-friendly service that seamlessly provides added value to our customers’ experiences and can be tailored to suit their individual preferences.”

Mark and Daisy Davidson Zeffer

Australian Couple Launch Uber Alternative for Limo Hire – Zeffer

While the battle between Uber and traditional taxi drivers rages on in the UK, a couple in Perth, Australia, have come up with an innovative way to remain competitive in a changing market.

Mark and Daisy Davidson, who work in the chauffeur industry, first saw the impact that Uber was having on their market five years ago in San Francisco. With the ride-sharing app on the rise, the income of people like the Davidsons, who deal mainly with corporate travellers, dropped by a staggering 70 percent.

However, the Davidsons didn’t admit defeat, and instead began talking about how they could create something like Uber specifically for limousine chauffeurs and their clients. The result is Zeffer, and it’s set to take the industry by storm.

Although it’s inspired by Uber, however, the Davidsons’ app has some clever features that are all its own. Rather than offering on demand services, it allows users to pre-book their limousine ride with a Zeffer driver – meaning there’s no waiting around to get picked up on a busy night.

“With Uber you can either get lucky or you’ll be waiting for 20 minutes,” Mark told The West Australian. “We are saying you want a car, the car will be there when you want it.”

Ultimately, the Davidsons hope that their app will assist limousine drivers still trying to recover from the blows that Uber has dealt their trade. According to Mark, Zeffer has been developed with them in mind. And because it offers pre-booked jobs, they will be able to plan their working days around the app.

Furthermore, Zeffer offers excellent interactive opportunities, with drivers able to create their own networks within the app. And once users get to know who’s who, they can choose their favourite driver to collect them.

Whether Zeffer will transform Perth’s limousine hire industry remains to be seen, but with prices coming in at lower than Uber Black – their closest competitor – they’re certainly one to watch.

car hire

Concerns Grow Over Data Protection in the Car Rental Sector

What goes through your mind when you’re hiring a car? We’re willing to bet that affordability, quality and convenience are all factors that you will consider – but have you ever thought that you might need to consider your data security as well? With today’s generation of vehicles becoming increasingly connected, it could become a major concern.

According to a report by Privacy International, car hire companies and car sharing schemes are routinely failing to protect sensitive customer data. Apparently, customers are plugging their devices into hired vehicles, but the companies are failing to ensure that this information is adequately protected.

In a test, Privacy International rented a number of vehicles from different companies, each with internet connectivity. And in each case, they found serious security flaws in the system – including the retention of previous drivers’ information. Frighteningly, everything from locations visited to private contacts remained visible long after the customer had returned the car.

Speaking to car hire companies in Europe, the UK and the United States, Privacy International discovered that they were severely lacking in policies to prevent the collection of personal data. In fact, the companies simply referred researchers to their terms and conditions, pointing out that customers are responsible for deleting their own data after using their cars.

However, Privacy International claims that these steps aren’t enough, and that car hire and car share companies should be doing more to look after their drivers.

“This report shows how basic information, which could identify who we are and where we go, is currently left open and accessible to everyone on cars used by popular rental companies,” solicitor Millie Wood from Privacy International wrote. “We are calling on rental companies to make it simple and clear for people to delete their personal information when they return a rental car.”

snowman bouncy castle

Giant Snowman Bouncy Castle is Coming to Kent

Starting on Thursday, December 21, Betteshanger Country Park in Kent will be welcoming children of all ages for a truly spectacular festive treat.

For ten days, the park – which is located three miles outside the town of Deal – will play host to a giant, inflatable snowman. Standing at 50 feet tall, he will tower over the surrounding countryside and be visible for miles around. However, this snowman won’t just look festive. In fact, his belly will conceal a fantastic bouncy castle for the local kids to enjoy.

Apparently, the attraction can hold as many as 25 children at any one time, with no booking necessary – just bring your little ones along and let them burn off all of that excess Christmas energy.

“We are very excited to be welcoming a 50ft high inflatable snowman to Betteshanger this Christmas,” a park spokesperson told KentLive. “Young children will love bouncing and jumping around inside his tummy.”

According to local news, the snowman – provided by a premium hire company – will form the centrepiece of an array of festive activities set to take part in Betteshanger Country Park.

At the same time, a snow tubing run will be providing adrenaline-fuelled thrills with an 18-metre slope of frozen fun whatever the weather. Families are invited to grab a rubber tube and get sliding – with both adults and children alike encouraged to have a go. Meanwhile, budding explorers will have an opportunity to explore the underground overground, when the UK’s first mobile, interactive caving system comes to town.