Back in 2016, automobile industry bloggers were horrified when Big Limos, a California-based luxury car manufacturer, first got their hands on this particular vehicle.

At the time, the sight of a brand new Tesla Model S – a car worth around $100,000 – being sliced in half was more then some commentators could bear. However, Big Limo promised that it would be worth it, as the operation was merely the first step in transforming the vehicle into a unique Model S limousine.

One year later, and the results of their experiment are on eBay for everyone to see. According to the advertisement, the vehicle was first constructed for an advertising campaign – but now it’s been listed on the auction site where enthusiasts are encouraged to enter bids for the one-of-a-kind limo.

After cutting it in half, engineers stretched the chassis of the Model S, creating a roomy interior with plenty of scope for conversion. And with only 150 miles on the clock, it could be a good investment for someone looking for a limousine with a difference. In fact, its creators believe that it’s the only Model S limo in the world.

However, there is one downside – the project is only 90% complete. With this in mind, the buyer will need to add the finishing touches themselves – or be prepared to pay Big Limos an additional fee.

As of today, the auction has attracted 17 bidders and a maximum bid of almost $30,000. However, the reserve has not yet been met. According to the listing, the seller hopes to make back at least the $100,000 they initially invested – meaning that this might not be so much of a bargain after all.