Volkswagen Financial Services enters the car rental market

The car rental market is renowned for its lucrative nature, hence why there are so many new businesses venturing into the space. Just this month, Volkswagen Financial Services is the latest to announce that they have launched a car rental service; one that is expected to get off to a flying start. Targeted at UK consumers, the service will initially be rolled out by three Volkswagen retailers and two Skoda retailers. According to sources, they are already promoting the service at their respective showrooms.

The modern way to book car rental services

Eager to position the Volkswagen brand as one of modernity, the car rental services will be able to be booked online from various devices. These include smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and  even a smart watch. Making car rental readily available to the masses, Volkswagen Financial Services’ customers will be able to search for, compare and book car rental service in just a few minutes.

A nation moving away from ownership

Mark Forton, director of mobility services at Volkswagen Financial Services UK, is eager to see this venture take off. Believing the brand has the formula to succeed in this industry, he says the following:

“As we see customers moving from ownership to usership we are very excited to launch our first mobility offering to the UK market.”

Why is now the right time to launch a car rental service?

But, ‘why now?’, we hear you ask. According to the brand, they wanted to respond to consumer demands quickly. Finding that many people were disillusioned with current car hire offers and practices, Volkswagen Financial Services are promising to give consumers what they want and need. This includes clear damage charges, low-pressure sales techniques and a generally honest approach to car rental. Let us know what you think, will the venture be a success? Or, is the space already too crowded? Let us know what you think.


Hiring vs Buying: Top reasons to hire equipment

As our name would suggest, we at Anything for Hire are passionate about the rental world, eager to sing the praises of both great hire businesses as well as the hiring model in general.

One of the areas we have been placing a huge focus on of late is the equipment hire industry, ensuring both established firms and startups are aware of the many equipment hire possibilities at hand.

If you are torn between renting and purchasing equipment to take your business forward then here are a few details that may swerve you towards the rental market.

  • Reduce capital expenses and allocate your money into areas in which you will get the best return on your investment.
  • Only hiring pieces of equipment for jobs they are needed for ensuring no wasting of company capital, allowing businesses to clearly define profits for each specific job.
  • By renting you do not have to worry about issues such as maintainable, repairs, depreciation or resale value.
  • Leasing equipment sees that you can use the latest technology and features without parting with huge sums of cash, or being stuck with an older, less effective model. With many lease options updating the product on a regular basis renting can see your business stay ahead of the trend.
  • With depreciation values on expensive equipment being so dramatic renting is often a more cost-effective solution.

So, if you are a contractor in need of new equipment be sure to compare rental rates before making a decision.


Car leasing firm Zenith sold for £750m 

 Today it has been announced that car leasing firm, Zenith has been sold, with owners, HgCapital, letting the organisation go for an attractive £750m. Allegedly, the Leeds-based hire firm has been acquired by Bridgepoint, continuing to develop the company and enter new markets.  

Zenith is a firm that is well known for their car leasing service, offering their services as a breakdown solution to a while list of blue-chip companies. As the largest independent vehicle leasing businesses in the UK, Zenith enjoy working with big name businesses like Greene King, Asda, Santander and the likes.  

Acquiring Zenith due to its “proven business model”, Bridgepoint sees potential, with companies such as Pret a Manger, Deliveroo and Fat Face features in their investment portfolio.  

Estimating that the UK fleet services market is worth around £14bn, Zenith are confident that there is a bigger piece of the pie out there for them, and with the help of their new investors, they could certainly scale the business up ever more. 

Mark Phillips, chief financial officer of Zenith, said: “Bridgepoint’s new investment will support the management team to continue to build Zenith, open up new markets and extend the value proposition both in the UK and Europe.” 
Let us know what you think, is there space for companies like Zenith to triumph in this competitive hire market? Let us know what you think!


Wolverhampton’s Asset Alliance Group invests £20 million in truck hire  

At Anything for Hire we love nothing more that an lucrative investment deal, especially when it involves the vehicle rental market. Due to this preoccupation we were understandably excited by Wolverhampton’s Asset Alliance Group investing £20m in their Flexi-Hire division.

Asset Alliance is a full-service Commercial Vehicle asset finance and leasing business, this week investing in:

  • 250 DAF and Mercedes tractor units
  • Rigid trucks
  • 100 new sliding bogie skeletal trailers
  • Double-deck temperature control trailers
  • Curtainsiders

Founded in 2010 the group was formed by Willie Paterson, a man with a colouful CV. As the previous commercial director of Alliance and Leicester, Peterson helped develop the base in Wolverhampton’s Boundary Industrial Estate, with the firm now adding value to the vehicle contract hire, leasing, financing and sales departments.

David Potter, commercial development director at Asset Alliance, said:

“Flexi-Hire is designed specifically to provide flexible, medium- to long-term commercial vehicle rental on a rolling contract, making it ideal for customers that need vehicles in a hurry, to meet the changing needs of their business.

“What’s more, with many customers now taking on contractual work for shorter periods, it’s only logical that we offer a rental proposition to suit. Flexi-Hire means our customers can operate high-spec commercial vehicles certified to the latest safety standards, without committing to a longer, fixed-term contract hire package or waiting months for them to be built.”

Let us know what you think, is the £20m a sound investment? Leave your comments below.


Honda Motorcycles sign 10 contract hire deals 

This week it has been announced that Honda Motorcycles UK have secured a whopping ten contract hire deals, expected to expand further and wider as we come towards the end of the year. This line of business sparked from an initial deal with P&I Generators, a company that added the Honda NC750X to its fleet of vans and cars.

With the UK branch launching in 2014 the business has grown at a admirable rate, selling 1,700 motorcycles to businesses in just one year. P&I Generators has been named as its first ever contract hire, sparking an interest for fleets to lease motorcycles rather than buying them outright.

Simon Davies, Honda UK Motorcycles fleet and business process manager, is overwhelmed to have secures the additional nine contracts, reshaping the business and adding value as each day passes.

Davies told Fleet News: “We were working on building up the contract hire side of the business over the past 12 months, prospecting and getting out to businesses to show them the benefits.

“We actually got the lead from the Honda power generator team and we will be working with all our divisions, including Honda cars, to pass potential leads on where motorcycles might make sense for a fleet.”

Speaking from the other end of the agreement Paul Benfield, P&I managing director, said: “Our company experiences horrendous congestion problems in London, as well as parking issues. With a motorcycle, these problems are virtually non-existent. Also, with a bike, there is no congestion charge.”

Helping streamline businesses Honda bike leasing will no doubt grow even further in popularity, said to be excelling in sales for couriers, food delivery or bluelight services.

Leasing business technology: Is renting cost effective?

When running a business, especially a startup, keeping outgoings low is extremely important, arguably one of the only keys to business success. This is why we at AnythingForHire.Com are so keen to celebrate the hire market, giving entrepreneurs options when building their business empire.

Nowadays you can hire pretty much anything, from company vehicles and outsourcing department to one of our favourite services, technology hire.

Technology hire  

The benefits of leasing your technology is plentiful, seeing that one, your equipment is kept up to date, and two you do not have to find huge lumps of money to purchase your tech in one. Other advantages include:

  • Reducing waste in the technology industry
  • Only renting equipment for the amount of time you need it
  • Encouraging financial management
  • Having a positive impact with regards to Human Resources

 Keep up with competitors  

While the financials are often what we think of when making purchases for the business the bottom line is that we want to stay ahead of competitors, knowing what they are doing and having the fcailities to overtake them. Whether that be through design, payment systems or simple business efficiency, technology allows you to excel.

If you are a technology hire firm then we at AnythingForHire.Com would love to hear from you. Leave your comments below!

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Car hire customers warned to be wary of scams over the festive season

Car HireCar hire customers are being warned to be vigilant for vehicle rental scams in the run up to the festive period as the authorities have revealed that a number of customers fell victim to fake car rental deals last Christmas.

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) revealed that they received a number of reports last Christmas from customers who’d signed up for car hire deals and paid deposits, but their hired cars were never delivered. Unfortunately, setting up a fake car hire company is relatively easy for would-be scammers as they only need to create a very basic website and call centre and they’re able to fool a lot of customers into parting with their money in exchange for car hire which never arrives.

The BVRLA have warned Brits to be especially wary of online and newspaper adverts as this is one area that scammers tend to target. Often these fake companies offer free delivery of the hire car and also unbeatable low prices to tempt people in, so these are two points to look out for when searching for affordable car rental over Christmas.

After a number of incidents were reported last year, the BVRLA say they on the look out for phoney car hire providers as they want to stamp out the practice as they fear these criminals are tarnishing the good reputation of the car hire industry in the UK.

Give your business a boost with website hire

Web LeasingIf you’re struggling to create an online profile for your company, you could benefit from a new service which offers tailor made websites which are available to hire. Website Leasing Ltd offers businesses and individuals the chance to have a state of the art website created especially for their company or personal use with the minimum amount of expense and fuss, here’s how it works.

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The great thing about website hire is that the professional design of the site, including the hosting and domain, is all included in the fixed monthly rate. Plus, there’s no minimum term contract so you can opt out at any time, no strings attached.

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