Honda Motorcycles sign 10 contract hire deals 

This week it has been announced that Honda Motorcycles UK have secured a whopping ten contract hire deals, expected to expand further and wider as we come towards the end of the year. This line of business sparked from an initial deal with P&I Generators, a company that added the Honda NC750X to its fleet of vans and cars.

With the UK branch launching in 2014 the business has grown at a admirable rate, selling 1,700 motorcycles to businesses in just one year. P&I Generators has been named as its first ever contract hire, sparking an interest for fleets to lease motorcycles rather than buying them outright.

Simon Davies, Honda UK Motorcycles fleet and business process manager, is overwhelmed to have secures the additional nine contracts, reshaping the business and adding value as each day passes.

Davies told Fleet News: “We were working on building up the contract hire side of the business over the past 12 months, prospecting and getting out to businesses to show them the benefits.

“We actually got the lead from the Honda power generator team and we will be working with all our divisions, including Honda cars, to pass potential leads on where motorcycles might make sense for a fleet.”

Speaking from the other end of the agreement Paul Benfield, P&I managing director, said: “Our company experiences horrendous congestion problems in London, as well as parking issues. With a motorcycle, these problems are virtually non-existent. Also, with a bike, there is no congestion charge.”

Helping streamline businesses Honda bike leasing will no doubt grow even further in popularity, said to be excelling in sales for couriers, food delivery or bluelight services.