The car rental market is renowned for its lucrative nature, hence why there are so many new businesses venturing into the space. Just this month, Volkswagen Financial Services is the latest to announce that they have launched a car rental service; one that is expected to get off to a flying start. Targeted at UK consumers, the service will initially be rolled out by three Volkswagen retailers and two Skoda retailers. According to sources, they are already promoting the service at their respective showrooms.

The modern way to book car rental services

Eager to position the Volkswagen brand as one of modernity, the car rental services will be able to be booked online from various devices. These include smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and  even a smart watch. Making car rental readily available to the masses, Volkswagen Financial Services’ customers will be able to search for, compare and book car rental service in just a few minutes.

A nation moving away from ownership

Mark Forton, director of mobility services at Volkswagen Financial Services UK, is eager to see this venture take off. Believing the brand has the formula to succeed in this industry, he says the following:

“As we see customers moving from ownership to usership we are very excited to launch our first mobility offering to the UK market.”

Why is now the right time to launch a car rental service?

But, ‘why now?’, we hear you ask. According to the brand, they wanted to respond to consumer demands quickly. Finding that many people were disillusioned with current car hire offers and practices, Volkswagen Financial Services are promising to give consumers what they want and need. This includes clear damage charges, low-pressure sales techniques and a generally honest approach to car rental. Let us know what you think, will the venture be a success? Or, is the space already too crowded? Let us know what you think.