Family time is precious to all of us. This is why you will no doubt be excited for the annual family holiday; a time for rest, recuperation and much-needed family fun. However, planning your family getaway can be less joyous, taking time, effort and the odd bicker. 

This is why at Anything for Hire, we work hard to make the holiday-planning process as easy as possible, giving our users the option to hire motorhomes via our platform. 

Being holidays on wheels, motorhomes are truly fabulous vehicles. But if you have never hired or even been in a motorhome, you may be slightly confused as to what your options are and what you should be considering during the holiday planning stages. This is why below, we provide a few things you need to know if this is the first time you are hiring a motorhome.  


The ‘berth’ of the motorhome basically refers to the amount of people the motorhome can sleep. For instance, a 4-berth motorhome can comfortably sleep 4 adults. And, as you will imagine, the larger the vehicle (berth), the more valuable the vehicle, thus the more expensive to hire.  


Where some motorhomes will literally be a vehicle with beds in, others resemble swanky apartments, fully stacked with fridges, freezers, dining tables, showers, baths, televisions and in some cases; games rooms! The type of facilities you want in your motorhome will again dictate the price, so be sure to put some thought into this prior to shopping around.  

Age and model  

Like any type of vehicle, there are popular types of motorhome makes and models, all varying in price. Where some would argue that VW and Adria are the best makes from a mechanical perspective, other believe Frankia and Hobby to reign supreme in the interiors department.  

When booking, put some careful consideration into the age and make of the model, especially if you are on a tight holiday budget. Where you may not want to opt for an older vehicle, if it is kept in good condition you may get more bang for your buck than going brand new.  

Length of hire  

Where it can be easy to say ‘we need a motorhome for a week’, when you think about the commute to get there, school holidays and other impacting factors, it could mean that in fact 6 days of hire will suffice. And, this could save you a whole heap of money. 

When considering time, it is also worth ensuring that you stick to the pick up and drop off times you agree to. This is because most hire companies will start introducing late fees as soon as you are a minute late.  

Motorhome hire through Anything for Hire  

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