Whether you want to hire a van for your house move or are a tradesman that hires these types of vehicles regularly, budget will play a huge part in what you can hire and when. And, whether hiring for business or pleasure, the van hire deal you opt for needs to be affordable.  

This is why here at Anything for Hire, we are proud to be helping UK customers find cheap van hire, with our platform renowned for saving people hundreds if not thousands of pounds on vehicle hire.  

Below, we look at a few things to consider when hiring a van; things that could save you a considerable amount of money!  

The size of your van  

The bigger the van you hire the more it will cost. This is because generically speaking the larger than van, the more it is worth, therefore the more the hire company is gambling by handing over the keys to somebody else.  

The age and model of the van 

As a follow-on from the first point, the age and model of the van will also have a bearing on the prices charged to hire it. So, if you are looking to penny-pinch, steering away from brand-new models may be something to think about.  

Times and dates  

Like any industry, the van hire industry has peak times; times of the day/week/year that are much busier than others. And, much like other industries, the prices that are charged reflect that.  

This is why if you are looking to save money on van hire hiring mid-week and during working hours could be a beneficial move.  

Length of hire  

The length of hire will also have a bearing on the price you are quoted for van hire. Remember, every hour you have the van you will be charged for so try your hardest to limit the length of hire for budget’s sake.  


Most van hire providers will hand the van over to you with a full tank of fuel, requiring it to be returned in the same condition. However, if you do not have time or simply forget to re-fill the van back up, the van hire company will charge you to do so. These fees are usually a lot higher than if you were to pop to the local supermarket and fill the tank up yourself. It is also worth shopping around for your fuel to get the best price possible. Where this may only save you a few pounds, every little helps!  

Van hire through Anything for Hire  

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