As you may well know, the news is filled with scary stories about car hire, with consumers often being stung by high rates and bad services. And, it’s not just the ‘cowboys’ of the industry that have been at the centre of these scandals either, with larger brands also under scrutiny for ill practice. 

This is why at Anything for Hire we are so passionate about helping the people of the UK access cheap car hire deals from reputable, trustworthy brands.  

If you are in the market for a top car hire deal, below are a few common car hire mistakes you need to avoid.  

Opting for the first deal 

Whether hiring a car for a weekend in the city or for your summer holiday excursion, the internet is a great place to start. However, a common mistake many hirers make is not comparing their options, signing off on the first car hire quote presented to them.  

Pre-rental inspection  

Most car hire brands will be eager to conduct a pre-rental inspection of the vehicle, being sure of the state of the vehicle before it leaves the forecourt. During this inspection, any existing scratches or dents should be picked up and recorded, ensuring that when the vehicle returns, the pre-existing damage is accounted for. Failing to take this process seriously can as a customer can be very harmful, running the risk of being charged for damages that were already there before you hired the car! This is why it pays to pay attention during this process, getting a full, accurate picture of the vehicle’s state before driving away.  

Post-rental inspection 

As a follow on from the previous point, paying attention to the post-rental inspection process is just as important, seeing exactly what the inspector records as damage.  

Running over your permitted hire time  

The price you will pay for car hire will be based on the exact amount of time you wish to hire the vehicle for. This is why ensuring you return the vehicle on time is essential, swerving those incredibly high late fines. It is also worth reading the small print when it comes to hiring vehicles, ensuring you are aware of exactly what the late penalty is.  

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