Driveway rental scheme launches in the US

Parkatmyhouse, the scheme which allows homeowners and businesses with driveways to rent out their spaces for cars to park, has just launched in the US. The bosses behind the parking space rental service believe that the time is right for such a scheme as Americans and Brits alike are looking for ways to make extra money from current assets as the economic downturn continues to affect our spending habits.

There’s been a surge of similar online scheme which help property owners rent out anything from their spare room to their driveway, and as these sites become more familiar, the popularity of these communal sharing schemes appears to be rising as experts say these types of schemes attract a high customer loyalty rate.

Parkatmyplace’s new venture in the US will work much the same as its service in the UK whereby the parking space owner will pay Parkatmyhouse 15% of their agreed rental fee. Driveways and parking spaces can be hired on any time basis you choose from hourly, to daily, weekly or longer. The website also makes it extremely easy for drivers to locate a parking spot in their chosen area as they can search via postcode or zip code, by a landmark, or the neighbourhood in general.

The rental service is being introduced in cities along the East coast of America including Washington.