The most rented DVD of 2011 revealed by Redbox

Leading US supplier of DVD rentals, Redbox, has revealed their list of the most rented movies in 2011. The film hire company has even created a 5 minute spoof awards ceremony video clip announcing the high achievers of the DVD rental world to accompany their findings.

Redbox have broken down their results into categories revealing the most rented movie it each genre. For Horror films, Insidious was found to be the most hired film of 2011, while the most rented action film according to Redbox was Green Hornet and the most watched movie in the family genre was Rango and the most hired comedy movie of 2011 was Just Go With It followed by The Tourist which was found to be the most hired film in the drama section.

The results seem to show that it’s not necessarily the most successful and critically acclaimed films of 2011 which have made it into the top spots according to the Redbox rental figures. One possible reason cited for this is that the biggest releases are often seen in the cinema and then often bought on DVD and Blue Ray when they’re released, meaning movie fans are less likely to hire them.

Natalie Portman emerged as the most rented film actress thanks to her roles in Black Swan, Your Highness, No Strings and Thor while the comedy movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston, Just Go With It, came out as the most rented film overall in 2011 according to Redbox.