Pembrokeshire Farm Hires 110 Cows!

At Anything for Hire, we are always singing the praises of the hire/rental model, hence why we created a whole business around it! Allowing businesses and individuals to enjoy products and services without the hassle of purchase or ownership, hiring the things you need and want just makes sense.

This is why in recent years, as people have begun to appreciate the benefits of hiring, we have seen a selection of strange hire options hit the market.

Just this week, we learnt that one Pembrokeshire dairy farm has started to hire their cows! You heard correctly; you can now hire cows!

While a bit of an odd story, when learning of the challenges the farm owners were faced with, expanding their herd through renting was the perfect solution.

The Johns, a 300-acre farm in Tymeini, Tufton, has been keen to expand its herd for some time. By signing a rental agreement with another farm, they will now hire 110 additional cows, paying £180/cow, per year. This will allow the farm to breed extra cows and increase profits from sales of produce.

In order to accommodate this new influx of cattle, the business has invested £130,000 in a new accommodation facility.

“We wanted the accommodation to be roomy, especially around the feeding area because we’d had issues in our existing shed with crowding at feeding time,” he said.

“To allow for this we have created 285 feet of trough space, enough for 140 cows to feed, with a 16-foot wide passageway next to the feeding troughs so there is no pushing and shoving’’ they said.

Other unusual things you can hire

While cows are up there, they are not the most bizarre items or services we know are hired across the world. From people hiring gamers to take over their consoles while they are at work, to people hiring cats and other household pets for the weekend, the hire market it vast and just as weird as it is wonderful.

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