When planning a wedding, choosing between venues, themes, colour schemes and entertainers can be a hard slog. Being a multi-layered, long process, planning a wedding is known for being a stressful time. This is why at Anything for Hire, we are thrilled to help brides, grooms and professional party planners book venues, cars and much more with ease. 

However, over the past few years, we have seen a huge spike in the number of happy couples investing in marquee hire for their weddings.  

Below, we take a look at why marquee weddings are the best.  

You control the décor  

Have you viewed a venue and found little niggly things you don’t like? Whether it be the chairs, tables, colours or the general setup, one thing that isn’t to your taste can put you off the whole venue. This is something you can swerve by hiring a marquee, having complete control over the setup, décor, colours; everything!  

Endless space  

The great thing about opting for a marquee to host your wedding is the fact that you dictate how much space you have and how you use it. With marquees being as big and you would like them to, brides and grooms are not limited when it comes to the number of guests they can invite.  

An intimate affair  

When hiring venue spaces in hotels, restaurants and the likes, you run the risk of sharing the overall venue with others, seeing random people at the bar and in your wedding reception. When hiring a marquee, you can be confident that the room is filled with just family and friends, not another soul.  

What’s more is that you can hire the marquee for not only the day but the weekend of your wedding, re-using the space as and when you wish.   

Indoors and outdoors  

Confused as to whether you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding? Well, with a marquee, you can have both! With sides that open up to the big wide world, marquees beautifully bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors. Combining cosy interiors with the fresh air of the great outdoors, marquees are truly incredible.  

Hire your wedding marquee  

Are you considering hiring a marquee for your upcoming wedding? If that’s the case then we can certainly help. This is because we provide a place for our users to search, compare and book marquee hire. Putting them in the driving seat, we help people get the deals they want to make their wedding visions a reality.  

So, whether it is a particular size, style or price you are looking for, you have found yourself on the right website. 

And, that’s not all we can help you with. Through Anything for Hire you can basically arrange your whole wedding. From gaining prices from venues and car hire suppliers to finding cheap chocolate fountain hire and bar hire for the reception, whatever wedding hire service you are after, find it here.