After getting engaged, the dread of the planning process will quickly sink in, understanding how large the task of planning a wedding actually is. From talking to vendors and organising décor to picking the right menu and entertainment, the planning process can be hard on the brain of the bride. 

This is why it is so important for the bride to treat herself on her big day, ensuring she remains a beautiful, happy woman.  

Here at Anything for Hire, we are thrilled to be helping brides find the best makeup artists and hairdressers to hire for their big day, encouraging blushing brides to go all out when glamming themselves up. Here is why.  

Look and feel your best  

When you look good, you feel good; fact. And, for brides, looking and feeling good are equally as important. Needing to walk the aisle exuding nothing bu t confidence, brides that have had the full beauty works will enjoy themselves and their big day wholly.  

Be an on-trend bride  

Though it can be tempting to just rope in your sister or best mate to tie up your hair and apply a touch of blusher to your cheeks, this just won’t do. With amateurs renowned for doing hair and makeup as they would for themselves, going budget will result in a budget look. So, if you are a bride that is passionate about being on-trend, commissioning a professional to be in charge of your hair and makeup is essential. Being equipped to advise on colours, products and techniques, pros can have a huge bearing on your overall bridal look. And, with makeup and hair trends changing all the time, being on-trend is a must!  

The all-important wedding pictures  

Wedding days are renowned for flashing past, going far too quickly. This is why brides and grooms are so eager to capture great pictures, often hiring top wedding photographers to immortalise the wedding. And, with wedding photos usually costing a fair whack, looking your best will no doubt be a priority. This is where hiring a makeup artist and a hairdresser pays off, ensuring your wedding photos are flawless.  

And, with the wedding day preparation process being an emotional time, usually involving the bride’s mum and bridesmaids, capturing those moments is advised. Inviting your photographer in to photograph you having your makeup and hair done will result in some fabulous pictures; we promise!   

Book your wedding hair and makeup  

If you are planning your wedding then we advise booking your hairdresser and makeup artist as soon as possible, securing the best deal from the best professionals in your area.  

This is something you can do through Anything for Hire; an online marketplace where you can search, compare and book any beauty service you wish. And, it’s not just your bridal look we can help you with. In fact, you can basically book your whole wedding via this platform! This is because through Anything for Hire, you can find competitive deals for the following:  

  • Venue hire  
  • Wedding car hire  
  • Wedding bar hire  
  • Chocolate fountain hire  
  • Photographer hire  

Get searching now and start planning your wedding the easy way.