For a girl, their prom is one of the important days of their lives. As well as being a pretty fun party; a prom also has lots of emotional associations. From marking great educational achievements to new beginnings, prom is basically the time you turn from a teenager into an adult.  

This is why most girls attending prom will want their big night to be one to remember, investing heavily in their prom clothes, shoes and more importantly; their prom car. 

This is especially the case for girls, with girls wanting to feel and look like a princess when arriving at the prom venue. 

If you are in the process of shopping for your princess carriage, below are a few prom cars you may want to consider.  

Lincoln Town Car Limousine   

The Lincoln Towncar Limousine is one of the most iconic limos ever made. Perfect for girl groups that want to travel to prom together, Lincoln Towncar Limousines cleverly combines comfort with spaciousness.  With most having 8 centre-facing seats, Lincoln Towncar Limousines are great for getting the party started. What’s more, is most are fitted with a range of party-focused features. From surround sound music systems to dancefloors and even champagne fridges, for prom queens, there is arguably a no better option than a Lincoln Towncar Limousine.   

Rolls Royce Phantom 

When it comes to British vehicles, you simply cannot find a car more luxurious or respected than the Rolls Royce Phantom. Oozing with style, these vehicles are sleek beyond belief. Boasting a strong presence on the road, the Rolls Royce is a good prom car choice for the classier of prom queen.  

Bentley Flying Spur  

With a slightly sportier feel, the Bentley Flying Spur has a lot to offer those traveling to prom. Being speedy and highly attractive, these cars are great in black, white; any colour really.  

The Bentley Flying Spur is also a car that pictures well, able to give prom queens that ultimate prom photo in front of their chosen prom car.  

Party Bus  

If you really want to wow your classmates with your entrance to prom then nothing will top turning up in a party bus. Being colossal in size, these vehicles demand the attention of all. And, much like some limousines, they have been designed specifically to give people a fun time when on the road.   

Lamborghini Aventador  

In recent years, supercars are being hired more frequently for proms. This is because of the impact they have, with everyone enjoying seeing a fine sports car in action. As well as turning up and seeing the faces of classmates change, traveling in a supercar is also a fantastic experience; one that will be remembered forever.  

So, there you have it; our top 5 prom cars all girls need to be considering.  

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