UK proms are far from humble, with prom parties now being just as big and extravagant as weddings. Calling for huge dresses, outlandish makeup and super expensive cars, proms are getting bigger and better with each year that passes. In fact, a recent study revealed that each student (or their parents) spend over £500 on prom. That’s a pretty big outlay.  

But, what can we expect to see at 2020 proms that we didn’t in 2019? 

Below, we look at some popular prom trends for 2020, envisaging what the proms of this year will be like.  

Big dresses  

While the search for ‘the’ dress is a very important process, the types of prom dresses that are in fashion change from year to year. In 2020, we are on track to see big dresses, with slim-fit bodycons well and truly a thing of the past.  

Resembling wedding gowns in many ways, modern prom dresses are poufy at the bottom and incredibly hard to ignore.  

Another fashion many prom queens will be sporting is the bejewelled headband, with tiaras and headbands now on-trend. 

Colourful suits  

2019 proms were all about the blue suit, with navy being a prominent colour seen in prom pictures last year. But, as we move into 2020, many boys are looking into even louder suits; suits that make a real statement. From tartan and flower patterned suits to pink and vibrant bow ties, the louder the outfit, the better.  

Hair and makeup  

Boys and girls are investing heavily in their hair and makeup for prom. From the boys ensuring their grooming routine is perfected to girls roping in the help of professional makeup artists, hair and makeup is now just as important as the dress/suit.   

You only have to load up Instagram to see the millions of prom makeup and hair tutorials big-name artists are posting.  


Being the UK’s first port of call when looking to hire cars for any type of occasion, we know what prom kings and queens are into. And, although being so early in the year, we can already see what types of cars are hot and what vehicles are not. 

What we can expect to see at 2020 proms is a whole load of people turning up in supercars. From your classic Ferrari Italias to Lamborghini Aventadors and even Bugattis, the more powerful the prom car, the more impressive the entrance.  

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