These days, even weddings aren’t necessarily an experience that will never be repeated – although we might hate to admit it. But one event that really does come just once in a lifetime is the magic and the glamour of prom night. And that’s why we think that your child’s prom can be just as important as the day they tie the knot – and should be treated as an equally special occasion.

Just like a wedding, there’s plenty of focus on the right thing to wear for prom, and your child will no doubt spend ages agonising over the right choice of dress or suit. For them, it could well be the first time in their lives that they have been able to dress up like a real grown up – so don’t forget to encourage them to look their best. And although a prom dress can cost just as much as a wedding gown these days, there are plenty of ways to stay in fashion with budget or vintage styles.

Moreover, just like brides and grooms, girls and boys attending their prom will want to make sure that they stand out from the crowd. And just as an elegant dress or a well-cut suit can make all the difference to their special night, the right entrance is just as important. Unsurprisingly, the prom trasnsport hire business has been booming in recent years – meaning that there are a vast array of options available for those that want to arrive in style.

Today, prom-goers splash out on all manner of vehicles to whisk them to the venue like real VIPs, from supercars, vintage classics and limousines to helicopters, tractors, tuk tuks and more. And just like a wedding car, these special hires come complete with extras like flowers, ribbons and more – although Champagne is left to the adults’ discretion!

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