UK government to rent church spires to improve broadband connectivity

With many campaigns being made for better broadband in the UK, both private businesses and government are promising big things in the coming years. The main issue people are facing is getting connectivity in rural areas. However, a new scheme involving church spires is set to dispel of such problems.

This week, it has been announced that the UK government and the Church of England are working on deal; one that will see the government hire church spires. Using them as wireless transmitters or attaching aerials, satellite dishes and cables to them, Government will use church spires to encourage good-quality mobile connectivity across the UK by 2022.

Talking on the idea of renting churches, Digital Analyst, Matthew Howet, said:

“The devil would be in the detail”.

“Getting access to suitable sites, particularly in rural areas, has been a real challenge for mobile operators, so any initiative aimed at improving this will be welcomed by the industry.”

“What’s not clear, though, is what the commercial relationship looks like. There have been many stories of rural land owners effectively holding operators to ransom for access to some sites, which has slowed down rollout and added considerably to the cost.”

Allowing traditional churches to hold relevance in the modern world of technology, the Church of England is thrilled to be involved in such an innovative scheme. The Bishop of Chelmsford recently passed comment; saying:

“Encouraging churches to improve connectivity will help tackle two of the biggest issues rural areas face – isolation and sustainability.

“Our work has significantly improved rural access to high-speed broadband.”

With over 60% of Anglican churches situated in rural areas, these buildings make for the perfect spot to host internet hubs. As an incredibly creative use for the spires, this is just one example of the great things rental setups can influence.