Mother charged £34,000 in car rental blunder

A mum from Prestbury, Gloucestershire, was one of 145 unlucky customers of Hertz Car Hire who were overcharged when using the company’s car hire service, a blunder that saw many out of pocket at the start of the month.

Although there were many stung by the I.T error Laura Newman was arguably stung he most, seeing Hertz take a whopping £34,00 from here account. Only expected £340 to be debited from her account her frustration is understandable, having to borrow money from friends and family to get by.

Where many would have thought that their bank would protect them when such outlays prevail themselves it seems Santander failed Mrs Newman on tis occasion.

“The bank are not holding their hands up. I’ve got no money thanks to them letting the payment out. I’m really cross with them. I’m nervous because I haven’t got any money” she commented.

Mrs Newman also recalls a scam to take £5 from her account recently, an eventuality that was stopped by Santander’s anti-fraud team. Taking this into account it is quite extraordinary  that a £34,000 transaction was allowed.

She added: “I don’t know how £34,000 wasn’t flagged up by Santander. Why didn’t they think to question it?”

Mrs Newman said Santander had refused to give her an emergency overdraft to help her before the money is returned.

A spokesman for Hertz said: “Fortunately some of our customers’ banks did stop payments before processing as they noticed the unusual activity on their customer accounts.

“We will refund any customers’ banking costs caused by this software error.”

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