Over the years, so many big and small brands have ventured into the world of rental. Being such a profitable, lucrative model, it is understandable why tech giant, Google, is to latest to venture into this space.

According to a recent press release, Google Play store has brought back its $.99 movie rental deal, making new and older movies accessible on a budget. That includes 4K rentals!

However, this is just one change customers have experienced over Christmas. Google has also been promoting discounts on apps, games and IAPs throughout the festive period.

While seeing many movie buffs head to Twitter to share their excitement over the deals, this will however be a limited time offer.

DroidLife explains how you can make use of this rental deal:

“To redeem this offer, simply open up Google Play on your phone or desktop, find that red banner near the top (like in the image above), hit the Redeem button, then you’ll then see all rental prices, 4K included, drop to $0.99.”

But, this is not the only rental idea Google is focused on this year. According to the firm, Google Maps will now show users where they can rent scooters nearby. Encouraging their users to get from A to B in an environmentally-friendly fashion, Google Maps are actively promoting the services of Lime e-scooter.

‘If a Lime vehicle is available, you’ll see how long it’ll take to walk to the vehicle, an estimate of how much your ride could cost, and your total journey time and ETA.

‘Tapping on the Lime card will take you right to the Lime app, where you can see the exact location of the vehicle and easily unlock it,’ the firm continued.

Through the application, users can also retrieve an estimated price for hire. But, this is more than just a kind recommendation, with Google actually being part-owners in the Lime brand.

‘Simply navigate to your destination and tap on the transit icon to see your nearby options,’ Google explained.

According to sources, Google pledged $300M into the electric scooter startup. This investment was made through Google partners, Alphabet. Google Ventures and transport tycoons, Uber, were just a few other brands wanting to get a piece of this innovative startup.