New website offers nanny for hire services on airline flights

A new California based website, Nanny in the Clouds, connects parents and experienced child care workers travelling on the same flight. The parents agree a fee with the nanny to help out with their children on the flight, helping to make the often stressful situation of flying with children, a little less painful.

The founder of Nanny in the Clouds, Julie Melnick, revealed that the idea for the website came to her after a rather difficult flight with her two year old son. After her toddler spent much of the flight driving her and the rest of the passengers mad, the stressed out mum thought there must be an easier option for travelling with kids.

And so Nanny in the Clouds was born. The website is free for nannies to register their details, however parents must pay a $10 joining fee. While the website doesn’t run any background checks on the nannies that register on the site, they do ask that they submit references along with other required information.

Once the parents find a suitable nanny who is also travelling on the same flight as them, it is up to the two parties to arrange the rate of pay, and also for how long they will require the services of the nanny. Some families opt for the complete door-to-door service whereby a nanny accompanies them from the airport check-in right through until they reach their hotel while others just require the nannies help while in the air.

Do you think this is a good hire service? Would you consider hiring a nanny to help during your summer getaway this year? Let us know your thoughts on the new service.