Digital film streaming outstripping DVD rental for first time

Digital film streaming has outstripped DVD rentals for the very first time, according to LoveFilm. The digital movie streaming movie service offered by LoveFilm surpassed the demand for the provider’s film DVD rentals in February.

LoveFilm revealed that during the month of February, demand from its subscribers for streamed movie content to devices was up by 20%, outstripping the demand from customers for DVD rentals, Blu Rays and video games combined.

As more and more customers turn to live movie streaming options and away from hire of hard copies of movies on DVD, LoveFilm is reacting to the trend of its customers and now brands itself predominantly as a movie streaming provider.  

Year-on-year figures show that movie streaming demand has grown by 400%, compared to the 25% year-on-year increase reported in demand for DVD rentals. It’s taken just three years for digital streaming to overtake traditional DVD rentals.

LoveFilm say they expect the growth in movie streaming to grow, with more and more customers turning away from traditional TV and movie rentals towards digital streaming to view both movies and TV shows.

To keep up with the growing demand and expectations of their customer base, LoveFilm say they are continually looking to update their library and available TV show and movies for digital screening to offer their customers the widest possible choice of digital streaming options.