Bouncy castles are the epitome of fun and freedom, renowned for injecting joy and laughter into any event in which they sit.

However, the process of finding a suitable bouncy castle hire deal is quite the opposite, being far from fun. This is something we at Anything for Hire have worked hard to change, building an online platform where users can search, compare and book bouncy castle hire through one, easy to use system.

However, when you do decide that bouncy castle hire is the route you want to go down, there are a few things you need to consider. 

The size of your bouncy castle 

Where a bouncy castle you have seen online may seem ideal for your party, you need to think carefully about where your bouncy castle will be situated when hired. This is especially the case when hiring a bouncy castle for your garden. The one thing you don’t want to do is hire a bouncy castle that is too big or too small for the space. A bouncy castle that is too small for the space or the number of children attending the event will prove pretty pointless. At the other end of the scale, a bouncy castle that is too big will not leave room for children to take off their shoes or for adults to stand/sit comfortably and watch the children enjoying themselves. 

Bouncy castle styles and themes 

The theme, colour and style of your bouncy castle will have a huge impact on guests’ response to it and the all-important pictures of course.

This is why you should always try and tie the theme of the party in with the bouncy castle. For instance, for a little girl’s birthday party, a princess bouncy castle will be a lot better suited to the event than a dinosaur or pirate themed alternative. 

Set a budget 

Like anything, budget plays a huge role in what bouncy castle options are and are not available to you. This is why comparing the market is advised, immediately showing you what your options are and how far your budget will stretch. 

Why hire bouncy castles through Anything for Hire? 

There are many benefits to hiring a bouncy castle via the Anything for Hire platform. Below are just a few:

Save time – an average search for bouncy castle hire on Anything for Hire takes 60 seconds. This is a stark difference to how long it takes to call multiple companies requesting quotes. So, if your time is precious to you, using our comparison site is a must! 

Save money – budget will play a huge role in what you can and cannot hire in the way of bouncy castles. And, at Anything for Hire, we are passionate about helping users whatever their budget. This is why on our system you can filter your results by price, immediately seeing what the most affordable option is for you.

Only shop with reputable suppliers – worried that you will book with a cowboy hire provider?  Many people do. However, through Anything for Hire you can shop with confidence, with each of the suppliers we connect you with having been vetted and verified by our expert team. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your search underway now and find a suitable bouncy castle hire deal for your upcoming event.