Car hire company launches hourly rental rates

Leading car and van hire provider, Europcar, have introduced a brand new scheme which will allow customers to hire vehicles on an hourly basis, offering a greater standard of flexibility and affordability for clients.

Europcar decided to introduce the new hourly van and car rental service as their research found that there was a demand for this type of short-term vehicle hire amongst its business customers especially. The car and van hire operator found that many businesses may have been put off taking out traditional daily hire due to the fact that they may have only required the vehicle for an hour or two, meaning an entire day of hire would have been wasteful and likely to eat into their profits.

It is believed that the new hourly car and van hire service will appeal to clients wishing to undertake quick turnaround journeys including last minute deliveries, plus delivering and collecting supplies or stock for their business.

The new hourly vehicle rental service is also open to general clients as well as business clients so if you need to hire a van to collect a new sofa or to help with a house move, or perhaps you require car hire once a week to do your weekly grocery shop, you’ll be able to benefit from the new scheme offered by Europcar. Hourly car hire rates start from £10 an hour, while van rental prices start from £11 an hour.