With the ever-expanding nature of the internet the hire market is being heavily impacted on, giving consumers a whole suite of hire products and services that they were completely unaware of. With a mission to teach the world of the glories of the industry we thought we would share some hidden hire gems with you. Below you will find 5 things you didn’t know you could hire.


Yes, you heard correctly, wheels.

Too often do we see poor chaps at the side of the road with their car jacked up in the air, feeling the financial pinch of a blow out. Luckily the hire market has noticed a huge gap in the hire industry, now offering wheels for hire. This service is also extended to bikes, with motorbike tyres being infamously pricey.


Sitting at the centre of the modern family home televisions can make for expensive living room features, with the forever in revision technology used keeping us on the edge of our seats.

Dialatv.co.uk are one of the most highly-regarded companies offering this service, stating the following on their website:

‘Dial a TV offer a range of household products on low cost weekly or monthly payments leaving you with no concerns about expensive service repairs, it’s all included in the price. This saves on the potentially high cost of repair in LCD panels or a high cost of call out for kitchen appliances’.

Kitchen appliances

Another large outlay anyone has to make when moving house is for kitchen appliances, with washing machines, fridges, freezers, tumble dryers and dishwashers all costing at the minimum £200. Understanding that many cannot afford the thousands of pounds required for a new set of kitchen appliances some sites offer hire schemes; permitting customers to pay monthly sums to rent such appliances.

In our opinion it is fantastic how open the hire market has finally become. Share your thoughts and opinions on this subject by commenting below.