Police call in bouncy castle hire to stop suicide jumper

Bouncy Castle Suicide ThreatPolice in Swansea called in a local bouncy castle hire company this week in an attempt to break the fall of a man who was threatening to jump from the top of a multi storey car park roof.

The elderly man, believed to be in his 60’s, was threatening to take his own life by flinging himself from the top of the high building onto the road below. However the police decided to call in the services of a nearby bouncy castle hire company, Bop and Bounce, who delivered an inflatable to the scene of the incident to break the man’s fall in case he did attempt to leap from the car park roof.

Three trained police negotiators worked for 7 hours at the Swansea multi-storey car park to try and convince the distressed man to give up his threats of suicide and to come down from the edge of the building safely.

After 7 hours of negotiation, and a bill for £68 for bouncy castle hire, the police talked the elderly man down, and he was taken to hospital for treatment. The bouncy castle was thankfully, not needed.