Enterprise Rent a Car branch out into Dundee

Enterprise Rent a Car is a car hire brand that is constantly in development, seeming to be setting up new depots across the country on a weekly basis. Just this week, the international company has announced details of a new branch in Dundee; wanting to increase their presence in and around the city. Opting for an industrial estate for the base, Enterprise are expected to take over a site at Dunsinane Industrial Estate. Having recently made an application to Dundee City Council, the proposal detailed how the firm would like permission to allow “motor vehicle hire” on the land.

While the land is currently left empty, the proposal seeks to completely reimagine the space. Requesting a car park capable of holding 60 or more vehicles, the proposal will understandably require a great deal of consideration from the council. In addition to the large car park and increased traffic, the rental firm are also planning to create a new office block. This will be in addition to the on-site car wash that the team will use to clean vehicles retuned to the depot by customers.

Promoting eco travel in and around Dundee

One section of Enterprise Rent A Car’s proposal that the council we have looked upon favourably is the request for electric car-charging bays. These ‘car club’ parking bays will certainly comply with the council’s policies on electric vehicle provision, positioning Dundee as an area doing its bit for sustainability and eco-friendly travel.

While a decision is yet to be made, the council is expected to make a decision by the beginning of November. But, what do you think; would Enterprise Rent A Car have a positive impact on the Dundee community and economy? Leave your thought with us by commenting below.