ScotRail’s Bike & Go Cycle Hire Scheme Scrapped

As mentioned in many of our previous posts, cycle hire schemes are being rolled out across the country, with authorities eager to back anything that promotes sustainable travel in their areas. However, in recent months, we are seeing a number of these schemes being scrapped.

Now, ScotRail’s Bike & Go cycle hire scheme can add its name to that list. According to sources, the business has seen a huge decline in renting activity, with fewer people renting their bikes than ever before.

Coming as hugely sad news to those that still utilise these rental bikes for work and travel, the firm will regrettably be ending the scheme at the end of September this year.

A spokesman for ScotRail’s Bike & Go spokesman said the following:

“We have engaged with Transport Scotland and other key stakeholders regarding the closure of the scheme and outlined ScotRail’s ongoing commitment to cycle provision at stations.

“This includes ongoing work with commercial cycle hire schemes to locate cycle hire facilities at our stations.”

“Unfortunately, the number of rentals and members since it was introduced meant that the scheme was not self-sufficient and the decision has been made to close Bike & Go across the UK.

“Current Bike & Go customers will be contacted on 31 August and given a one-month notice period to make alternative travel arrangements and information on refunds.

“Secure cycle cages will remain at stations to be used by cyclists to store their personal bikes as part of an ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions across the UK.”

The scheme initially launched back in 2014, growing steadily to boast 2000 active members. Depots included Glasgow Central and Edinburgh Haymarket, with over 100 bikes on offer in and around the city.