Limo Broker is the UK’s largest limousine hire brand that works hard to remain the home of luxury vehicle hire, catering to customers’ needs and wants when it comes to planning transport. Understanding how important it is for brands to move with the times, they have this week unveiled a new website, launching a redesign of the popular limo hire site;

Commissioning MOBO Media to conduct the redesign, this new website is something they are thrilled to finally be sharing with you.

“The project’s aim was to give our much-valued customers a performant, reliable, efficient and smooth method to book limos online; an ambition that MOBO has well and truly achieved” Limo Broker claim.

Fast and simple

Digging deep into the analytics of their site, the agency found that users were shopping for limos, chauffeur cars and supercars using all types of devices. Wanting to accommodate all visitors, they ensured the website was coded and designed using the latest tech and coding standards, presenting itself beautifully on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

The lead designer on the project explains:

“At the forefront of this new design was the focus on accessibility, accessibility in this sense means users of all abilities having access to the site and the ability to control it. Accessibility on the web typically refers to users with handicaps, such as vision impairment, limited mobility of limbs and other physical or mental factors that affect their use of websites and technology.”


Utilising the wonders of HTML, the website now boasts a clean, simplified structure, making it incredibly user-friendly. Starting from scratch and hand-coded, this website has been built specifically by with Limo Broker’s customers in mind.

Placing a huge focus on navigation, the new site sees all the information users want within reach, putting just seconds between logging on and receiving vehicle hire confirmation. With an all-new simple, 3-colour design, users with limited vision can differentiate between elements, with the design team ensuring adequate spacing between clickable elements. All these features combine to make for the best possible browsing experience.

“For design performance, we opted to use techniques that help us write highly optimised website styles that give us longevity, for this we used SCSS a library that helps our developers write CSS (The code that changes how the site looks and feels” MOBO continues.

We at AnythingForHire.Com would like to congratulate both MOBO and Limo Broker on this new site. Any site that makes vehicle rental simple is fine by us!