More Just Eat Rental Bikes for Edinburgh

Back in September, Just Eat rental bicycles were launched in Edinburgh, with the cycle scheme praised for encouraging eco-friendly travel in the city. The firm initially started their venture with 200 bikes and 24 hire points. However, with the scheme proving to be rather popular, the numbers of bikes and users have grown rapidly, with Just Eat having no option but to roll out further hire points in the west of the capital.

As it stands, Edinburgh boasts 320 bikes and 31 hire points, with the city continuously investing in sustainable projects of this nature.

But, it appears Just Eat is not stopping there, with an additional 17 virtual cycle hire points to be added across the capital. This is in addition to three docked hire points, making bicycle hire more accessible to both the residents and tourists of Edinburgh.

With 9,278 trips taking place in the first 9 weeks of the scheme, the Council has had no choice but to back further schemes.

The public has spoken

Saughton, Morningside, Leith, Newington and Marchmont are just a handful of areas set to welcome stations in the coming months.

These locations have been suggested by the general public, with past users and possible future customers deciding where they would most like to hire bikes from.

Transport for Edinburgh chief executive George Lowder, MBE, said:

“This roll out strategy will bring a number of areas into the scheme’s network for the first time, not only helping users make the journey’s they want to, but will encourage more people to use the scheme to complement the modes of transport they already use.

“We are extremely grateful for 187 suggestions put forward so far for new cycle hire points via the website. All of these sites are being considered as part of our ongoing network planning.”

Let us know what you think, should every UK city be following in the footsteps of Edinburgh?