Bike hire facilities are popping up in various UK cities, arguably fed by our strive to be more ‘green’. This week, Redbridge has added their name to the green transport list. Launching a dockless bike rental scheme, Redbridge Council have arrived at an affordable way for residents and tourists to explore the area ethically. Charging just 50p per 30-minute hire, the scheme will see over 250 bikes dotted around the area.

Chosen suppliers have been named as Urbo, with the scheme being one of the most tech-savvy bike rental projects we have seen. The Council has also chosen ofo to take on the service side of the venture.

Coming with its own smartphone application, all users have to do is log in and choose a docking station from the digital map. They will then use the QR code to unlock the bike. This can also be achieved through using Bluetooth. Returning the bike is just as simple. They click the lock back into place, this will then action the user’s online wallet to be automatically charged. Seeing the system flag up its return, the app will update, making the bike available to the next cyclist.

The scheme has been given the thumbs up by various authority figures, including Cllr John Howard, cabinet member for environment and sustainability. Talking on the launch of the bike rental project, he said:

“The new dockless bike scheme is an accessible and affordable way to get people more active and reduce air pollution in the borough.

“The partnership with ofo and Urbo is a really exciting opportunity to make the borough greener, providing an option for sustainable travel. I can’t wait to start using them.”

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