Netflix launch new DVD rental app  

While the world of film is fast evolving, it does seem that the tangible DVD is still in use, with film giants, Netflix, this week launching a DVD rental app. Promoting this heavily to both existing and potential Netflix customers, the company have identified that not everything is online, with many wanting to sit down and watch a film on tele in the traditional fashion.

According to MakeUseOf.Com, DVD rentals is still a thing, with online streaming just a piece of the film market. Talking on the launch of the applications, the publication writes:

‘DVD rentals are only available to Netflix users in the U.S., and about 4.2 million people still rent DVDs from the company. Netflix manages all of this through, but it has now launched an iOS app designed to make it easier for users to manage their DVD rentals.’

But, did you know, before Netflix became the world’s favourite streaming service that is it today, it actually entered the market as a DVD mailing company and has been doing exactly that ever since. Although we welcomed the streaming technology back in 2007, millions and millions of film buffs rent DVDs from Netflix, being a massive income stream for the forever-in-development company.

So, what is new about the new rental app? Permitting you to browse through thousands of DVDs, users can add their to their queue and share the info with friends.

The new app also allows users to ‘manage their queue’, removing unwanted DVDs, track when their purchases are en route and watch trailers through the comfort of their smartphone.

Let us know what you think, is there still room for traditional DVD rental in the modern age of technology? Take a look at the new Netflix trailer and leave your thoughts below.