Nowadays, proms are very similar to weddings, with the UK prom now being a full-on event centred on glitz and glamour. This is why many prom kings and queens are so passionate about getting their transport right, wanting a reliable vehicle that can get them to the event on time and in ultimate style.

But, with so much choice on the market many prom attendees can be hard-pushed picking just one vehicle to get them from A to B. 

With prom car hire being a service we have been helping people with for many years now, we are well-placed to advise on what a great prom car hire deal looks like.

Below, we share a few tips and advice, pointing our customers towards prom car hire features they should be looking out for.   


Whether travelling with a large number of class mates in a gleaming Lincoln Towncar Limousine or riding solo in a beautiful Bentley, it is important that you have lots of legroom and are nice and comfortable when making your way to prom.

This is especially important if you have a big prom dress or crisp suit you do not want to get creased before your arrival.  


Whatever the type of outfit you opt for, you will want your peers to see you as stylish. And, nothing shows style more than turning up in a stunning car or limo. Top prom cars we would regard as stylish are: 

  • Baby Bentley Limousines 
  • Lincoln Towncar Limousines  
  • Bentley Flying Spurs  
  • Bentley Arnages  
  • Bentley Continentals  
  • Rolls Royce Phantoms 
  • Rolls Royce Ghosts 
  • Rolls Royce Silver Clouds 
  • Rolls Royce Cullinans 
  • Range Rover Sports  
  • Range Rover Evoques 
  • Range Rover Velars  
  • Party Buses  
  • Porche 911s 
  • Ferrari Italias 
  • Lamborghini Aventadors  

This brings us on to our next point; taking pictures of your prom car.  

Picture perfect  

Nowadays, everything has to be picture perfect, with most of our lives being shared on one social media platform or another. This is why when it comes to prom cars, people need to think about what the vehicle will look like when posted on Instagram, Facebook etc.  

Interior and features 

As well as choosing a prom car that is stunning from the outside, it is equally as important that you choose a prom car that has a good-looking and comfortable inside. Remember, travelling to prom is a one-time thing! 

It is also worth putting some thought into any features you want to enjoy when on the road. For instance, some vehicles are made with karaoke machines, televisions, music systems and even free WIFI as standard.  

 A good price  

The budget you have set aside will have a huge impact on what type of prom car you can and cannot hire. However, at Anything for Hire, we ensure our users can access top prom cars for low rates, making sure they can use their prom budget effectively.  

To learn more about what your prom car hire budget can get you, conduct a search on our homepage now.