It has been a big month for the world of hire, having seen many large-scale acquisitions paired with the shocking news that TOM vehicle group had gone into administration. As March draws to a close, we learn that Briggs Equipment has made a substantial investment, ploughing a whopping £10m into their short-term hire fleet. Fortifying their equipment collection to an attractive 5000, Briggs continue to make moves into this largely crowded market. However, with the decision to invest such a huge sum into this side of the business, it must be going well!

Whilst highly regarded for their offering to large construction businesses, with a new short-term focus, Briggs open themselves up to smaller SMEs. By doing so, Briggs can separate themselves from other businesses, being a one-stop-shop for equipment hire for all businesses.

Steven Fogg, head of short term hire, said:

“The investment not only means a greater number of machines will be available, but a wider range of equipment which reinforces Briggs as the one stop shop and allows us to support the growing trend in our customers streamlining their supply chains to use us a sole supplier. This makes Briggs’ customers’ lives far easier, with just one delivery, one invoice and one point of contact with a fully certificated and trusted supplier.”

Responding to market trends and needs

Having already invested £70m into the short-term side of the business, this is about much more than a plea to create new lines of revenue for the business. With safety laws becoming more stringent than ever, construction businesses are requiring specific pieces of equipment for specific jobs; meaning Briggs have had to be resilient and move in line with market demands and trends.

“It is particularly important when working at any height, whether that be maintenance tasks via low level access equipment, or using medium level access platforms for handling stock at height to put the safety of employees as a priority. We have the full range of equipment suitable for whatever your manual handling needs are, whether you want to test new ways of working, bridge productivity to keep up with periods of peak demand, or complete scheduled maintenance tasks. Additionally, in a more environmentally conscious world, the steady trend away from engine powered machines had led to further investment in our electric forklift fleet which is ideal for indoor operations and warehousing” Fogg continued.

Defining a need to work in a quicker fashion, Briggs now operate as an on-demand equipment hire company, with these short-term agreements allowing their 600-strong team of engineers to supply items such as forklifts and roto-telehandlers as and when their customers need them.

Let us know what you think; is this a good move for the brand?