Here at AnythingforHire, we have witnessed first-hand just how impactful technology has been on the UK hire market, with incredible innovation popping up all of the time. This week, we were thrilled to hear the news of a new hire venture in Devon. Set up by two brothers, a new marquee hire comparison site has now launched.

The idea came to Tim and Bill Verwey when watching their sister struggle to plan her wedding. Facing obstacle after obstacle when looking to rent a marquee for her big day, they knew there was a better way to connect customers with suppliers. From here, was born.

Turning the idea into a fully-fledged business, the company now enjoy a strong panel of providers, currently working with 115 trusted registered companies.

Tim said: “We all found it impossible to answer these simple questions online… how much will the marquee cost, how big does it need to be, what will it look like & will it fit in my garden?

“We thought, why isn’t there a website that easily answers all of these questions, especially as you can already order food or flights or book a holiday in seconds.

“So, we set out to build a website that brings the marquee industry into the 21st century and we are the only comparison website in the world for marquee hire.”

Crafting their business skills in university and other roles, these two men have been tipped to achieve great things in the industry.

Tim continues:

“We both got into tech startups and entrepreneurship at university plus Bill spent years putting marquees up in Devon and Cornwall.

“We always wanted to start a company and was born.”

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